Thursday, July 15, 2010


John has taken up hockey. It's a bit cooler than fencing, which was his newest hobby before hockey, so I'm ok with that. Just a warning to all you other wives out there. Hockey is freaking expensive to start when you have absolutely none of the equipment.

His first game was 2 weeks ago. I don't think he expected anyone to come, but a big group of us showed to cheer him on.


He did pretty well and even had a few good attempts at a goal.



His main trouble is getting over the wall to get to the bench, but we won't hold it against him just yet.


His team ended up winning 5-1. Not bad for a group of guys that haven't even practiced together!


His 2nd game was the following week against the best team in the league.


His skating and his endurance improved.


None of that really helped since the other team beat them 11-1. It's not as bad as the team that played them the week before. They lost 13-0.

I missed his third game, which is sad because he finally scored his first goal! He tied the game and then scored another to put them ahead. Good job babe!

John's going out and rollerblading most nights to get some cardio in. He even takes the dogs with him, but poor little Riley can't keep up. John ends up carrying him the last bit and says that Riley loves when he zooms down the little hill. I've yet to see this, but I'm sure it's adorable.


  1. Awesome. I played hockey through high school and my first year of college. I miss it a ton.

    When I first started out we got most of my gear used from Play it Again Sports or from other people in my league.. Always another option :)

  2. How much fun!!! And you can see his face better than fencing. Good luck John!

  3. My husband is all over hockey too. We've been involved for several seasons down where we live now but the man has been playing since he was kid in VT (skating before he was walking!). Somehow or another it's even evolved to me as team manager (don't ask). I admit, it's pretty sexy to see Hubs get out there and whoop on the other teams...he's got pretty mad skills! I recommend checking out play it again sports as well as online sites like hockey moneky and hockey giant. You can get some pretty sweet deals. I was able to find top of the line skates (that nearly half the pros wear) for around $200 online, more than 70% off their original price! I can usually find sticks for half or more of their retail price and I was able to pick up a pair of new gloves for $25 bucks at play it again sports. Players upgrading their stuff is another option, though sometimes that stuff reeks to high heaven and is jsut nasty. Next up on my replacement list is a helmet and cage, I've been keeping an eye out for any good deals but I've also gotta find replacement ref gear so I'll probably be hunting around for a while!

  4. John the HusbandJul 16, 2010, 5:06:00 PM

    Fortunately I was able to get most of my gear used and it was all in pretty decent condition. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and got skates, shinguards, hockey pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads and a helmet for $100. I bought some new hockey socks and a jockey and 2 jerseys and 3 sticks all new, but I still need a decent hockey bag because I have just been using a duffel bag and its not big enough. Sadly, where we live there are no Play It Again Sports and Craigslist is pathetic on used gear in our area. Hopefully I will keep improving so I feel as comfortable on the ice as I did in my rollerhockey league in high school.

  5. Hi! I just came across your blog, and I had to comment, because my hubby plays hockey too! Your pictures look just like alot of mine, except in mine my hubby is wearing a black jersey . . .


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