Friday, July 09, 2010

The Hinchman Olympics Continued

Thursday night before the games I emailed everyone to let them know their teams. I wasn't able to check my email again until I got home from work after 10 on Friday night. The amount of emails that went back and forth and the smack talking that occurred had reached an all new level. I laughed so hard reading those collective emails that John came into the room a little concerned for me. I knew this year was going to be a great year - and it was.

Here's the beginning scoreboard with the teams.


I played this year for the first time since we were short a few people. (Go Purple!) I'm a bit of a control freak and enjoy judging and keeping score more than playing. Plus I can get a bit competitive, but kind of psycho competitive so it's better that I stay out. Luckily my High School BFF Sarah was on my team and we were ready to dominate!

We started the day off with Bubble Gum Blowing.


Erin won and carries the title of Best Blower for the 3rd year in a row. I got 2nd place for my team. Woot!

Next up was Chubby Bunnies. Reigning champion Julie missed the event this year so the door was open for a new title holder.


Julie's record is 14 and this group only made it to 9. I thought David might win it for the white team, but he spit his out and Jason pulled the win for the Purple Team. Go Jason!


It was a bit windy out so we moved inside for the next event, Defying Gravity. It was one that I got from Minute to Win It where you have to keep 3 balloons in the air. On the show it's for 60 seconds, we just did it for whoever kept them up the longest.

This event is where Faith's 4 or so beers finally caught up to her and she didn't bother to check her camera settings let alone the pictures she had just taken. So for this event and the following event with the banana I ended up with a ton of pictures like this:


Thankfully Stephanie posted some pictures and I was able to steal them from her to share with you all. (Although I'm still waiting on everyone else to get some pictures up....hint....hint)


Sarah pulled in another win for the Purple Team in this event.

Next up was the best event ever - How's It Hanging. We again made up our own rules by using just one orange and drawing a box on the floor rather than having to get 2 oranges into a hula hoop.

John was the first to go and actually totally rocked it and won 5 points for the Red Team.


BJ gave it his all, but ended up in last place for the Purple Team.


BJ and my messed up camera settings did get me this pretty cool picture though.


David had the most unique approach to the contest.


We took a break for lunch


and played a round of Jello Shot Bingo.



After a little rest it was time for the Beer Relay. Gotta love Julie running in her barefeet and dress.



Blue Team brought home the win in the Beer Relay.

Next up was the Three Legged Race. Things started off well with the race


and then the Red Team went down.


The Green Team almost went down but hung in there.


Then Karl on the Blue Team lost his partner and kept going,


but Sarah and I pulled in the win for Purple.

Next up was the Water Balloon Relay that I have no pictures of. I think Green Team won though.

We moved inside for our next event, Rapid Fire. The goal was to shoot down the tower of cans in the fastest time.


Purple Team again took the win once again.

The last event of the night was the Cotton Ball Relay where you carry the cotton ball on a spoon. No pictures, but again, Purple Team won (told you, psycho competitive).

Here are the final standings for the day:


Purple Team KILLED everyone! Hey, if I'm going to play and Sarah's going to drive 3 hours from Houston you bet we're going to win! Here's the winning team with their prizes:


Yes, those are giant Pixie Stix and I have no idea what is on my shirt. Probably water from the water balloon John hit me with. No idea.

Here's me and my HS BFF. She even yelled out my old nickname from HS during the beer relay. That's why I love her.


All in all a great event. I think a Minute to Win It party is definitely in order though....


  1. This looks AWESOME!!! Congrats to the purple team.

  2. John the HusbandJul 9, 2010, 12:57:00 PM

    Ok, I have a ton of things to point out. First, red team may have not had the most points at the end of the day, but we did have the most fun and I think we drank the most, so I think the RED TEAM WON. Second, if you notice all the flames in the 'grillin' picture, please make note that we have a GAS grill and that was just a small grease fire going on in the bottom of my grill. Yeah, the cleanup the next day was a a lot of fun. Third, in the three legged race, Ryan and I didn't fall because we were drunk, we simply stopped to hug it out in the middle of the street in a completely manly platonic way.

  3. Some year, I want to be an honorary Hinchman. Please, please arrange this. I have a cute son and a less hairy husband. :)


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