Monday, July 26, 2010

10 Years

This past weekend John and I traveled to Houston for my 10 Year High School Reunion. We stayed at the Alden Houston which I loved (aside from the crinkly sheets).






Although the view from our room left something to be desired.



That's Minute Maid Park in the distance where the Astros play.

Sarah got to the hotel and we headed to the bar for a drink or two before we went to the reunion.

Then we decided shots were needed and went down the street to another bar. Our bartender was hilarious.

The three of us sit down.
Bartender: Hey guys how you doin'?
Me: Good. We need shots. We're here for a 10 year reunion.
Bartender: *Looks at the 3 of us* Huh. Must have been a small class.


We did our first shot and then decided on a 2nd.
Bartender: You guys want a fucked up shot? I'll give you guys a fucked up shot. Only rule, no questions.


Me: Hey, this looks like an undercurrent. Is it?
John: Hey! No questions! Just take the damn shot!
Bartender: *high fives John*

After the second shot we headed back to the hotel for the town car to take us over to the House of Blues. (Another great thing about the hotel was a free town car that would shuttle you all over downtown)



Predrunk pictures



I moved to Houston between sophomore and junior years so I only spent 2 years at my high school. I went from a school of 900 to having over 900 people in my graduating class. So let's just say I really didn't know a lot of people. That's pretty much why I dragged Sarah along. For the first hour we were there I would point and say, "do we know them?" and then we'd go and say hi to people.

The House of Blues had some cool rooms. There was this hallway with these blue lights.




Then there was a room covered in fabric.


While I was in the bathroom I ran into the wife of Sarah's high school crush and she and I became drunk BFFs. Sarah wasn't happy about it but by doing so we found out about a back hall that would take you to the Blue October concert. Let's see.....high school reunion where you don't know anyone or Blue October? The concert won.

Of course wristbands were needed to get into the concert and Sarah flirted her way into getting us some with this guy.


We made friends with those around us and they made fun of my tiny beer.


This guy stole my name tags (I ended up with John's on as well.)


The concert was fun




but then it was time to go. Fun times in the hallway were had.



I hadn't worn heels since the whole Old Man Toe thing started in January. My feet were swollen and I had cankles.


BTW, the little footsie things are actually life savers! (The black sticking out around my shoes) My feet weren't sore from the shoes, but from standing and walking. They also do stay hidden and will tuck discreetly away into your shoe, but this was 2 am and let's face it, I was more than a little drunk at this point.

The next day after waking up and feeling like absolute crap John and I drove up to Kingwood.


We drove past my old house


and then paid a visit to my old high school.


What's a 10 Year Reunion without a visit to the high school?


Then it was time for the 3 hour drive back home which I also didn't miss making. It used to be a regular occurrence my first 2 years at college.

While we had a great time and I am glad that I went, I'm not sure if I'd do it again. I guess if I knew more people going to the 20 year I might think about it. I really only talk to 3 people regularly from my high school. While I recognized several faces, I couldn't tell you their names. Maybe for the 20 I'll crash my Indiana High School Reunion. At least I spent more time growing up with those people.


  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I heart drunk BFFs too. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Your high school reunion was much more eventful that mine!

  3. My high school reunion is coming up next year, should be interesting. Looks like you had a great time, though! Just found your blog and it's fantastic!

    Stop by One Fine Wire if you get a chance, I'd love to see you visit!

    So nice to meet you! I just love the way your blog is set up!


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