Friday, June 25, 2010

Shopping Around

John and I would both like new cellphones. Ours are starting to get pretty beat up (well, John's more than mine, but if he's getting a new one it's only fair that I get one). We're no longer under contract with our current provider (T-Mobile) so if we wanted to make a switch we could.

John gets a discount with AT&T through his job so it has some potential. Amazon also has this great sale going on where you can get a new phone with a new plan for only a PENNY. Pretty awesome. It ends on the 30th if you're interested and you can get an upgrade for a pretty great discount too.

In case you didn't know this about me I am cheap. Someone tried to correct me and call me frugal, but I said, "No. I'm cheap." I will search for the best deal I possibly can get before I buy something. I get the lowest price I can possibly get. This applies to everything, especially when it comes to paying a monthly fee for something. We currently pay just under $100 for our cell phone plan. I really don't want to pay over $100 a month for cell phone service. To me, that's just ridiculous. We don't have internet on our phones and to upgrade we'd have to get internet. I have a Blackberry currently and would like to stick with that or get some other kind of smartphone. It's freaking $30 a month for a dataplan with T-Mobile to upgrade to a new Blackberry or smartphone. John also wants a smartphone so our bill would go up $60+ a month (don't forget all those stupid taxes) for us to stay with T-Mobile. That's just too much for me. No way in hell will I pay $160+ a month for cell phone service unless those phones are smart enough to cook dinner and do the dishes afterwards.

The discounts with AT&T will get us a plan at around $120 a month, but we get 300 less minutes and 200 less text messages. We need those minutes and messages, but to upgrade the plans it'd put us back up around the $140-$150 mark, which again, I'm just not willing to pay. Why should I pay more for less than what I currently have? All I'm getting out of it is internet, which I actually don't want on my phone anyways. That's why I spent a bunch of money on a new laptop - to use the internet. If I'm going to pay that much I might as well get rid of the internet at my house and connect my phone to my computer! Oh wait, that'll cost me $60 instead of $15 a month with AT&T. I might as well keep my internet provider in that case. AT&T also has the A-List which lets you call up to 5 numbers for free, but that only comes with the more expensive plan, not the cheaper plan that would really benefit from the service. Why give something free to someone that could use it, huh AT&T?

So yeah. Slightly annoyed with the world of cell phones at the moment. The only other option is to buy an unlocked cell phone so that I can upgrade without having to add a dataplan. However, with an unlocked phone you end up paying full price and who wants to pay $300+ for a cell phone (maybe some of you IPhone crazies out there)?

And yes, I know many of you are wondering why in the world do I have a smartphone without the internet. One, I don't want to be THAT connected to everything. Texting and calling is enough for me. If I AM somewhere where I have limited internet access, such as when I'm traveling, I MIGHT add the dataplan and then cancel it when I get back. I don't need it all the time. Two, I like the usability of a smartphone and the menu options. Three, I like that I can sync it to my Outlook calendar. Four, I like that I can have a task list or notes section. For me a phone is to help me stay little more organized, to make phone calls, send the occasional text message and take the occasional picture. I don't need to follow my Twitter account or update my blog or transfer pictures over to Flickr or check my email. That's what my computer is for. If something is so important that you need to get it to me right this second, text or call me. Otherwise, it can wait.


  1. Matt and I went to see if we could get less minutes and save some money on our plan only to find out that less minutes would cost more!!! We have Sprint/Nextel and they have changed their plans so we pay right around $100/month for 1400 minutes (no text messaging or anything extra) but when we went to ask about changing to less minutes it would still be $100/month and only like 800 minutes...uh, no thanks! Cell phones are so annoying!!!

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  4. When it comes to cell phones, I'm cheap too. We only pay around $68 per month for 550 shared minutes and 300 text messages each. Plus, that includes an old discount that I probably shouldn't get. We've gone over minutes before, but never the text messages. I just don't want to pay a small fortune for a phone!


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