Thursday, June 24, 2010

Garden Explosion

I can't believe my garden has gone from this:


to this:


It's insane! The tomato plants are blooming


and I have some tomatoes that are actually growing.


I have a little garden spider that I like to watch sometimes. He usually hangs with the tomato plants, but I've found him in with the squash as well. The other morning I caught him eating his breakfast.

Garden Spider

My jalapeno plants both have little peppers on them.


I bought these and there were two in the container. I can't figure out if they're both jalapeno or if this one is supposed to be a banana pepper. Not a clue as to why it's yellow.


My bell pepper seedlings are doing well.


As is the one that I bought from the store. It actually has some little peppers starting to form.


The green beans are growing like crazy finally.


I actually picked these the other day and ate them.

Now the squash and zucchini. They're insane.


Every time I give them away, I pick that same amount the very next day.

About a month ago I sliced open two of the plants to get rid of vine borers. I lost a zucchini plant that day and thought I had gotten them all from on the of the squash, but this is evidence that I did not.


I'm not really upset about it. I have more squash and zucchini than I could ever eat.

Ants also like to hang around in the blossoms. Don't really know if it's a good or a bad thing but figure they probably do some pollinating while they're there.


I kind of sort of hope they give up soon. The plants are starting to get covered in this white powder as well. I haven't really taken the time to figure out what it is, but it hasn't spread to any of the other plants. You can see it on one of the leaves here by the green beans.


If these die soon I may just plant some more in the fall. Hey, it's pretty much summer here all year! By fall I may want squash and zucchini again!

I really think I'm going to only plant one of each next year and surround them with nasturtium. The zucchini that has the nasturtium around it is the only one that hasn't been hit by vine borers yet.

The cucumber plants are still just ok. Well, this one is kind of dying from I don't know what.


I'd replant it but the stupid pill bugs would probably get to it first. Bastards.

These two are doing ok if the zuchinni would give them some breathing room I think.


I think I'm kind of destined to never grow cucumbers. I'm going to continue to try though!

My leaf lettuce got attacked by some little green worms. I enjoy flooding the pots to knock them off and then smashing the little worms. It makes me feel better after a rough day.


This is supposed to be head lettuce, but it doesn't really seem like it is. Who knows? It's big is all I know.


As for the other plants in pots? Well we had a storm a few weeks ago. It didn't really rain, it was just really windy. After the storm 3 plants died


and a week later this tomato finally gave up.


This one is still rocking strong though.


I think I might put it in a bigger pot now that some are free.

Before I forget, my marigolds are also gigantic! They've gown so tall I've had to time them to the chicken wire.


I always thought marigolds were short bushy plants?


I have no idea what the creepy looking bug on the flower is either.


  1. wow! That's huge! Besides the bugs all over, you make it very inspiring to want to try one!

  2. That looks awesome! We've got lots of jalepenos in our garden right now. I hid a few on Matt's sandwich for today!

  3. You're like a proud mama! Nice work!

  4. Holy cow! I have never seen marigolds that tall!


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