Thursday, June 03, 2010

Adventures in Restaurants and Retail

Working at the store and at the restaurant has been a change. I'm not sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week, I'm now standing and running and bending for 40 hours a week. Hey - I've lost 5 pounds so far! I also find myself being a little more disconnected than usual. I'm not on the computer all day. I don't always know what's going on in the world because I get up after the morning news and I may not even get on the computer for a full day. Sometimes it sucks and sometimes it's really refreshing.

Another change is with the type of people I work with. I'm no longer one of the youngest, I've become one of the oldest and probably one of the most educated in the room. I did a survey one night and most people thought I was 22-25. I about died at the 22, especially after 3 people said it. Most of the kids are still in school (I don't exactly let the whole Master's Degree get out) and that's usually the first question anyone asks me. I tell them that I've been done with school for awhile and then I usually get asked if I have kids.

Speaking of young coworkers, most of them can't even legally drink! One of my coworkers at the store was talking about "how like most of her friends were like 21 and her boyfriend is like 21, but she's not going to be 21 for awhile still" all I could think was, "please don't ask me to buy you beer." Another young coworker likes to talk about his fake ID and then goes on to tell me how a Long Island Iced Tea is his favorite drink. I told him that ordering one of those SCREAMS underage. Poor kid. I was there once....oh 8 years ago.

Dealing with customers is also interesting. I only work days at the restaurant because I hate drunk people. Yeah, people get drunk there during the afternoon while I'm there, but not like they do at night. The restaurant is downtown so it's mainly tourists. Tourists generally tip well and I actually make more money there than I do at the store. There's no guarantee that I'll make that kind of money though. Weather, conventions in town, a lot of things play into how busy we are or aren't

I surprisingly tend to make more money waiting tables when I just don't care. In fact sometimes, I can be just a tad bit rude or sarcastic and people love it. I always make more money like than when I'm in this fantastic mood.

At the store I tend to get asked 80 million questions about where things are located. Most of the time I guess. I had a lady ask me to look down her pants to tell her what size they were (ummmm.....personal much?). Another man asked me to ask another female coworker what size jeans she wore because he thought she was the same size as his girlfriend (she wasn't even close!) When I first started I only folded clothes (whoo hoo! Put those degrees to work!) and would get a TON of comments about how it's a never ending job, someone's just going to mess it up, how busy I must be folding clothes all the time, and a few apologies here and there for messing up my neatly stacked pile. My one and only response to these are to laugh and say, "I like to call it job security." For some reason people eat that response up!

My favorite thing about the store is to see the kids that sit under the tables and read. Sometimes they're by themselves and sometimes it's an older child reading to a younger. I love it.

My least favorite thing are the kids that are left to run wild and play hide and seek among the tables. I've totally thought about tripping a few of them. It reminds me of the kids at Dave and Busters that would often be left alone. I thought about tripping some of them too.

Oh and also, PLEASE whatever you do. Do not ask your 4 year old to "sort" through a neatly folded stack of clothes to find his or her size. Totally NOT COOL.

I've been in a new position at the store for about a month now and I'm really enjoying it. Almost anything is more exciting than folding clothes for 32 hours a week. My hours are better - the latest I usually work is 6:30 and I often get 40 hours a week. Plus the pay is a bit higher. I get to
go out and market for the company and offer special promotions on things. It's more professional and something I can put on a resume. Plus I can now bore my friends to death with information about the company and its products.

The store I work at is a pretty popular one here. One that a lot of people I know frequent. I've seen multiple past coworkers there. 2 I avoided like the plague, the others I talked to for a bit. I've run into several old friends there as well. The number one thing people have told me though, "You look really happy." Oh my am I ever happy. I may have 2 degrees, I may have taken a nearly 50% cut in pay, I may work nights and weekends and I used to have to cook dinner in the mornings so John and I can still eat home cooked meals, I sometimes only have one day off a week, I may miss out on happy hours and things like that, but I am so happy it's sick.


  1. I can't tell whether or not you are being sarcastic about being happy in the last paragraph...but I have had WAY more fun at some of my "crappy" jobs than at the nice ones!

  2. haha, this brings me back to all those memories of working retail! It always amazing what people will say to you! As long as you're happy, that's the most important thing. Enjoy it!

  3. haha, this brings me back to all those memories of working retail! It always amazing what people will say to you! As long as you're happy, that's the most important thing. Enjoy it!

  4. LOL Meredith - maybe a smidge of sarcasm, but no, really am happy despite all the changes!


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