Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What's Growing


I've done some replanting in the garden and I've also picked all the radishes. I've thought of replanting, but I think the season for them is over until the fall. My lettuce plants kept disappearing (still not sure how or why) so I replanted those in containers.


In their place I planted additional green beans and spinach. I decided I wanted more of both.

One of the radish squares I decided to not replant at all. As you can see the squash and zucchini plants are kind of taking over.


The plants have all been in full bloom lately and I even have a little zucchini growing.


One of my nasturtium finally has a bloom.


*knocks on wood* I haven't seen evidence of a vine borer yet so hopefully these companion plants are working this year.

My cucumber plants have yet to do much growing.


I still haven't thinned out the 2nd square. I found with the other plants I did it to early so I'm still waiting a bit.

Something has been attacking my green beans as well. This is another reason I did a 2nd planting. I added another square but also replaced a few that had died. Today I went to pull a dead one out and it came straight out. No roots or anything. I wonder if something is going after the roots of them?


I love baby green bean plants


My other "pest" has been these mushrooms. I went out on Monday and there were TONS throughout the garden.


Guess it's from the cow manure I used?

My spinach plants are starting to resemble swiss cheese.


I did find a few little green worms a few weeks ago and pulled them off. I haven't seen them since. A few leaves though have some major chunks missing along the edges and I don't know what that could be from. Luckily only the outer leaves have been attacked so I may just leave them on and pick from the next row in.

Over on the tomato and pepper side of the garden - Marigolds are growing like champs.


As are two of the three romas.


I need to get cages on them soon. The two slicing tomatoes have yet to do any growing and were hard to photograph. The peppers though? What's wrong with my poor peppers? They just refuse to grow.


This is the best looking one and they have all been this size since I transplanted them about two months ago.

The jalapeno plants also aren't looking too hot and I can't figure out what's up with them. They started blooming and then all the blooms fell off.


They've also turned yellowish. I wonder if it's too much water or maybe something else.

Over on the patio my basil that I repotted outside when I thought it was starting to die indoors has finally filled out. My lavender plant is also looking good too.


I still have a ton of seedlings


5 are tomato plants if someone wants them. I think my tomatoes in the garden are all going to be ok. What I'm hanging on to are these pepper plants.


These look better than what's out there! I'm seriously considering planting these out there.

That's what's currently up int he garden. If you know what's eating my spinach and my green beans it'd be greatly appreciated. I went out at night in case it was slugs and didn't see any. I haven't seen any bugs or eggs on them either. Mystery pests!


  1. I think I read somewhere that the guy who came up with square foot gardening doesn't recommend thinning plants out. So maybe you're okay with not thinning?

  2. You really have a green thumb!!! I'm very impressed.

  3. I'm not sure what's eating your spinach, but a light mix of dish soap and water sprayed on them will keep the bugs off. (Go light on the soap - you can look up the ratio on the web). You'll have to apply after a rain, but most bugs won't eat through dish soap to get to the leaf (or it kills them). You can also use sevin dust around the garden - just pour around the perimeter and it should keep lots of crap out. ~Kristie


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