Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Scary Warning about Visine

I debated putting this up here on the blog or just sending an email out to friends, but I figured that this has more reach than my email address book.

Last week we almost lost my 18 month old niece Lizzie. She found a bottle of Visine and while playing with it ingested some. She become lethargic and my brother called Poison Control who told him to immediately take her to the Emergency Room. Visine (as well as other eye drop and some nasal sprays) contains Tetrahydrozoline. This substance effects your Central Nervous System and according to the National Institute of Health can cause:

Difficulty breathing
Blurred vision
Blue lips and fingernails
Change in pupil size
High blood pressure (at first)
Low blood pressure (later)

Among other things. It does not cause one to have diarrhea as many TV shows and movies would like us to believe. (Confirmed on Snopes) My brother was told that just a small amount can kill a child and there is enough Tetrahydrozoline in one bottle to kill two adults.

How scary is that? I know I've left bottles of eye drops around the house and I don't have kids. I do have dogs and I'm sure if it can kill a person, it can kill one of our four legged friends. Eye drops are also not childproof. They're easy to open and easy to squirt.

It's scary that something so common place, so readily available, something a lot of people carry with them, that a lot of people carelessly leave around can do so much harm. Moms - how often does your child use your purse as a play toy? Do you have a bottle of eye drops in there? The bottle only said to contact Poison Control, there were no other warnings on the bottle.

We're lucky that it seems Lizzie only injested a little bit and it only made her sleepy. She bounced back the next day and is doing great. It could have been much worse though.


  1. Wow! That is scary! Thanks for passing that info on, I'm so glad Lizzie is okay.

  2. Woah! Thanks for the warning... that's something I probably would not have thought about... Glad Lizzie is okay!!!

  3. Great post! I'm a nanny so this is very great to know! I'm your newest follower! :)


  4. Good gravy! Thank goodness she's okay. I don't even know that if Jonah would have done that I would have had any inkling it was the eyedrops - I would probably have looked for some other source.


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