Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reality TV

I got a couple emails, comments and Tweets about the reality TV show so I'm going to link back to the few times that I can remember talking about it and will give a very short recap since I never really explained my part in the show.

It was an episode of Whose Wedding is it Anyways. It was for a couple we're no longer friends with - which is a whole other sticky situation and is probably why I never really talked about the show. I still won't go into a lot of details, but the florist Donnie Brown called in was the florist from my wedding and she knew I was a minister. The couple's minister was late (the show played it off as he wasn't coming or something. It's been forever since the one and only time I watched the episode.) and so I was pulled from my seat, asked to fill in and had my little 30 seconds of camera time. However, just being a guest at a wedding being filmed for TV is an experience in and of itself and is something I'm not sure I would ever want to do again, let alone star in. It's interesting to be a part of and to witness to say the least.

For pictures from the wedding you can go here. For my very few comments after the show aired you can go here. They're sandwiched between John's birthday and us carving pumpkins. I had a lot going on at the time (finishing up grad school) so I wasn't very wordy.
In the other posts I do mention that I was also an audience member on 6 episodes of Texas Justice - none of which I have ever seen. I was asked to give commentary after one of the cases though.

I also tried out for The Real World which was another crazy experience. It would have been the San Diego one and coincidentally one of the guys in my interview group was picked to interview with the roommates when one of the cast members was kicked off the show.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I could TOTALLY see you on the Real World and I loved the San Diego one...I was in college then and all my friends and I were dying when they were making signs saying, "Save Brad!"

  2. That's funny that you tried out for The Real World, because when you mentioned being on a reality show, I automatically thought The Real World, but knew I didn't remember you from any of them.

  3. I used to REALLY want to be on The Real though, I'm pretty glad that I wasn't!


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