Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've got grubs

So last night I went out to plant two pepper plants in the garden since one died and another looks like it's on it's way. As I went to dig a hole for the seedling I found another grub in the garden. Remember a month or so ago when I found one? Well this was another big one and it was in the same exact square where I found the first. I was totally grossed out and and quickly chucked it over the fence. Since it was the second one I found I decided to do a bit more digging. I have had a few plants suddenly die for no reason and when I go to pull them out they come up with absolutely no roots. I couldn't quite figure it out until I found the second grub. They like to eat the roots of plants, the little bastards. This has to be the explanation! It's happened with green beans mostly (what google says grubs love), the one pepper plant and then today I pulled up an onion and a spinach plant with absolutely no roots.

So I started digging. And digging. And digging. I dug around my tomato plants. I dug around my pepper plants. I attempted to dig around my onion plants. Do you know how hard it is to dig around established plants, not trying to disturb the roots even though what you're looking for is going after those roots? I dug into 11 squares and there were grubs in every single one. I found large ones in the beginning, but then kept finding small ones. There were probably 5 small ones per square or just a few large ones. I think I found close to 40 or so grubs. If you don't know what a grub looks like, let me tell you, they are absolutely DISGUSTING. After looking at 40 or so of them and knowing they were attacking my precious garden I was not only sick, but pissed. My only guess is that the bastard beetles laid eggs in the garden. I didn't look at the green beans or spinach (too many per square) or the squash plants (hopefully their giant leaves deterred the beetles) so I'm not sure if they're in the entire garden. I hope I didn't disturb the plants too much while digging around them and I hope I got the majority of them so they don't ruin the garden. I'm still looking for a way to get rid of them but haven't found a method I like. I've heard positive and negative results of using Neem (the only thing I will spray in the garden since it's organic and doesn't hurt things like bees) against them, but am a little unsure. I'd have to buy a sprayer to apply it to the soil with the hose.

It's bad enough that these stupid things attack our lawn every year, but now my garden? The heat will kill my lawn anyways, but going after my garden? That means war.

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  1. I have them too, every time I dig a hole to plant something I see one or two. But not ever enough to do any damage. I'm sorry you gotta deal with this! Are yuo gonna put down milky spore? I hear that kills them dead. Good luck killing those nasty little suckers!!!!


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