Tuesday, June 01, 2010

12 Weeks to Better Photography - Week 12


Yeah, I'm like 2 weeks late. So sue me. Week 12 was about catching up on those lessons you missed. I didn't really feel like that and since I have a new camera now I decided to try out Lesson 2 again.

With the new camera the pictures came out lighter. The new camera has an ISO of 3200, while the other only went to 1600. However, my shutter speed only goes up to 1/1600 compared to the 1/2500 that my SX110 went to. Last time my pictures were so dark you couldn't even see the glass and water. Here's my shot at 1/125:


Here it is again at 1/400


and at 1/800.


Finally here it is at 1/1600.


The only place I can really tell a difference between 800 and 1600 is in the stream of water. I don't see a big difference in the droplets coming off the glass. While my shutter speed isn't quite as fast, it's nice to know that with my new camera I can at least use a faster shutter speed and not have dark photos when I do.

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  1. Love photos like that...how I LONG for a DSLR...


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