Friday, April 23, 2010


It seems that I don't have enough time these days. I'm probably working 40 hours between the two jobs which is what I did before. Maybe I'm not a morning person? I used to do a lot more in the evenings, but now I just want to get home and relax. A lot of times I don't even have time to write. I must confess, a lot of recent posts have been scheduled. I write when I have time and if I have time I'll write several at once.

My typical day is to get up and do some job searching. Then I pay bills or balance the checkbook or do whatever thing I absolutely have to get done that day. Job searching can take up a big chunk of time, especially if I find something to apply for. Job searching really could be a full time job! Usually by then I eat lunch and sometimes I'll start to make dinner. Yes. I cook dinner midday. This way I can take some with me to work and then John has something to eat when he gets home. I don't do this every day, maybe twice a week. Once a week I usually have to get up even earlier because I have an appointment or an errand to run. Before I know it it's getting close to 2:30 which is when I have to be at work and I'm left wondering where the morning went.

By the time I get home at about 9:30 I'm exhausted. I don't want to do half the things that need to be done and often don't. This just adds to the ever growing list of things to do.

Next week they're moving me to a different department and I'll have 8:30-5 hours. I'm excited to have normal hours again and will hopefully have a bit more time, but if I have an interview I'm not sure when I'll be able to do it. That'll be a big downside, but the new position may actually be resume material if I choose to put it on there.

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  1. Good luck with the new schedule and the job search!


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