Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Birthday Present to Myself

I just got around to using all the Amazon giftcards that I received. I bought myself this:

It's the Canon Powershot S90. John and I were in Best Buy the other day and while he was looking at whatever electonicy thing we were there for I was lusting over cameras. I came across the S90 and fell in love. It's compact, which is what I've been looking for. I love my SX110, but it's a little bulky. I wanted a high quality point and shoot and this one fit the bill. It actually kicks my 110s butt in just about everything but the zoom.

In reading reviews about it I loved to hear that it will shoot in RAW, the ISO goes up the 3,200, and it has a f/2.0 lens. It also has a ring around the lens that you can use to set zoom, exposure, apeture or shutter speed. It's like a little shortcut key. Many sites compared it to the Canon's G10 or G11. Basically as long as your weren't expecting a pocket sized DSLR you couldn't go wrong with the camera.

I can't wait until it gets here and I can start playing with it!

Speaking of cameras and photography, I'll have my 12 Weeks to Better Photography post tomorrow. I just haven't had time to take the pictures.


  1. Congrats on the new purchase! When you get it, you should do a side by side analysis of each. That would be cool!

  2. Wow! That's a fancy schmancy point-and-shoot to have all those controls! Very cool! I'm enjoying reading through your all the photography info! :-)


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