Thursday, April 08, 2010

Knitting Projects

I realized I haven't shared my completed projects. My knitting class ended 2 weeks ago and I used the last class to finally knit the washcloth that I couldn't make during week 2. Here's the completed washcloth.


Still not perfect but I've come a long way from this one!

My very first knitting project - a washcloth

The second project I completed were my fingerless mittens.



They're just a simple knit stitch all around and then sewn up the side.

My third project is this scarf.



It's so soft and I used seed stitch for it. Too bad it's too hot to wear it now.

I'm currently working on a blanket and another pair of mittens. I'm going to tackle knitting in the round next so I can make John a hat.


  1. All of that looks great! I might have to ask you to make me a pair of those fingerless mittens next fall.

  2. I still say don't knit in the round to make a hat. It is so much easier just to sew it together! And yeah, you have to decrease, but I always just knit two together to do a decrease, and it works fine :)


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