Friday, April 02, 2010


So I've been back to the working world for a week now and I am tired! Holy crap I forgot what being on your feet for 8 hours and running around was like!

Things at the restaurant have been good. Most of the people know me or at least remember me and there have been many jokes about how I'm waiting tables with a Master's degree. (I had just started the program when I left) I worked yesterday morning and in my mind we were pretty bust. It was just two of us and the other girl was my friend Brandi who bar tended at our wedding. When the night crew came on one of the girls asked Brandi if it was busy and she said, "No." I just looked at her and said, "What? That wasn't busy? I was getting my ass kicked!" She just laughed and said that it was a normal day. I don't think I'm up to handling busy. Back in the day I could have handled 8 tables at a time with ease, yesterday though, I got my booty kicked. It paid off in the end though and I left with a lot of cash. I forgot how good the money can be sometimes. Don't worry, I'm still looking and not getting sucked back in.

While I was at the restaurant the store called wanting to know if I can could come in. I didn't notice the call for about an hour and knew that if I did come in the earliest might be an hour before close and I'd have to leave BYOV early to do it. I wanted to seem like a team player since it's my first week and all so I called and told them I could come in but not until 7. They said, "YES! Please come in! Thank you so much! See you tonight!" Damn! I DID NOT think they'd say yes! Lesson learned my friends. Lesson learned.

At the store I'm working temporarily in the clothing department. Their normal clothing person is out on leave so I'm there until she gets back. Basically this means I fold clothes from anywhere from 6-8+ hours. Yep. Folding clothes. I NEVER knew how freaking hard folding clothes could be. OMG! My back hurts, my feet hurt, my shoulders and arms hurt. Plus you get super possessive of your clothes that you just folded and want to kick the person's ass that comes by and messes up your just recently folded pile. I spent 2 hours last night on the baby table. It's one of the bigger tables, is by the front doors, and that table can become INSANE at times. Clothes are just thrown everywhere! Girl's clothes get mixed with boy's clothes, parents hide toys from their kids in there, it's absolute mayhem at times!

I've never worked retail before (my stories crack John up because he lived and breathed retail for years) but always try to be nice about trying to find my sizes and putting things back properly. I can't believe what some people do to clothes. It's nuts. Even if you don't fold it back, you could at least leave it somewhere in the same vicinity as the clothes that the item matches. I can't see how THAT can be so hard.

So that's been my life currently. I'm hoping when they move me out of clothing that I can get morning shifts. The latest I usually get out is 10 which isn't so bad and it's actually earlier on the weekends. It's nice that the hours aren't crazy to the point where I have no outside life and never see John. It's going to take some getting used to though. Hopefully I'll lose some weight in the process!


  1. I missed that you were picking up some jobs! Sounds BUSY.

    I worked some retail, and really disliked it. People were so unnecessarily mean!

  2. This is why I put myself in handbags. No folding, no fitting rooms and no customers whining that something doesn't fit!

  3. Good luck Faith! I know you can do it all though.

  4. Thankfully we have no fitting rooms. The only time I really help find sizes are when someone is trying to tear up the pile I just folded. Which happens A LOT actually.


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