Wednesday, April 07, 2010

12 Weeks to Better Photography - Week 6


This week's lesson was all about shooting indoors. It concentrated on finding light sources from windows so you don't always have to use the flash or bump up the ISO and end up with grainy photos.

It was a fabulous day outside so I turned off the AC and had the screen door open. I usually keep the curtains open during the day because I love outdoor light (John hates it). When I returned to the living room with my camera there was Rufus napping on the couch. It turned out to work well for this lesson.


See the Catchlight (window reflection) in his eyes? This is because he's facing the window and I'm between him and the window.

He got tired of me taking his picture soon after, but Reese became my next subject since she was sitting in the window (we don't get any direct light through this window). These are with her parallel or facing the light source and me perpindicular to it.



Riley also got into the photo action today as well.


Next week we'll work on shooting outdoors.

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  1. Good job on the ones of the dogs next to the windows! Whenever I take a shot like that, either the subject is way to dark, or if I meter on the subject, the light from the window is so bright that it's distracting--you don't have either of those issues!


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