Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Not a whole lot of words this time, just pictures.

Me and the hubs


John and Julie being John and Julie


St. Patty's Day is Karl's favorite holiday


Me and Steph


Becky and David


We had a pretty low key night (well I did, I didn't go out with the others later) at the Saucer. Usually we also celebrate Erin's birthday, but she was playing it even more low key than I was. We're celebrating birthdays this weekend though. Did you know next Wednesday is my birthday? It is! Be prepared for lots of birthday related posts!

The most excitment of the night for me was when John went home with my car keys and had to come back to get me.

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  1. Is that the Flying Saucer? I love that place...been to them in Memphis, KC and Columbia, SC. Good beer! Happy early birthdays-March birthdays rock and that's also Kristal's birthday at Good Good, Good Friends, Good Life!


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