Friday, March 19, 2010

New Stuff

I got my haircut today and have full on bangs. Here's a picture fresh from the salon because you know what? My hair won't look like this until I got for another haircut in three months.


I got the store job. I actually got a promotion before my 2nd interview even started. It's a better position than the one I applied for and may actually be good enough to put on my resume so that's a big plus! The hours are also a little more regular so that's good. The store is only open until 8 during the week and 6 on the weekend so I'll be able to spend my evenings with John, except for the nights I may wait tables. I go in to talk to my manager friend about the restaurant job on Tuesday.

I did not get the job that I thought I had a 2nd interview for. The manager I interviewed with asked about my availability for the 2nd and then I didn't hear anything. I called the recruiter (I found the position through a temp firm) this week and she told me the manager really liked me, but was on spring break this week. Well I got an email from the recruiter today saying the company went with someone else. Total bummer. I did apply for a position today that is something I'd really like to do and that I think would be quite fulfilling. We'll have to see what happens with it. Hopefully they'll give me a call!

Tomorrow is supposed to be the beginning of my birthday celebration, but the weather is supposed to be crappy! BOO! Totally ruining the first part of my plans. The weather has been beautiful lately, mid 70s and a little breezy. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the 50s! It freaking sucks! The rain is supposed to be over by the evening so hopefully my plans will still work out. I'm just glad I didn't buy the cute sleeveless top I saw the other day!


  1. LOVE the haircut and congrats on the job!!

  2. Sexy hair!

    I am proud of you. You are a gutsy woman and you have the best outlook.

    Totally want to meet you guys at Houlihan's on Wednesday.

  3. Very cute hair and that's awesome you got a promotion before you even started-you rock! Good luck on the job you just applied for. Seems like things are working out!


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