Tuesday, March 30, 2010

John's Ten on Tuesday

1. What television character do you identify with?
Jack Bauer. Because he is awesome, he loves his family, and people always tell me that I resemble him. (I honestly get this like once a week, for better or worse)

2. Describe your morning routine.
Alarm at 6:45. Snooze to 7. Let the dogs out. Pee, then start coffee. Get dressed for work, then eat some breakfast. Feed the dogs and let them in. Use the bathroom one last time, kiss the wife and out the door by 7:45.

3. How do you do lunch? Bring from home or dine out? Same thing every day or mix it up?
I usually eat fast food unless I am working near home. I try to mix it up everyday, but I find that I eat a lot of hamburgers. There are a ton of great burger joints in the areas that I work, and I never seem to get tired of eating them.

4. What is one moment that, although seemingly trivial at the time, changed your life?
Getting Reese (our first dog) from the Humane Society. She really helped to cement the bond between Faith and I and although it was a bit of a spontaneous decision, Reese is my best friend now.

5. Name your top three beauty products.
Soap, Shampoo, ummmm..... toothpaste. Oh, I also use hair junk. I think it is Tea Tree styling something-or-other.

6. What do you do when you’re alone in the car?
Sing, Dance, and play all the instruments that I am hearing. (aka, air Drums, air Guitar, air Bass, air Keyboards) Although to be totally honest, I do this in the car if I am alone or have passengers.

7. What is the ideal city for you to live in? If you can, take this survey.
I think San Antonio it a pretty good spot for me. The weather is a little hot for my taste, but we are pretty well sheltered from anything too harsh, as well as most natural disasters. There is really good food here, but I do sometimes wish that I could see the ocean more. I LOVE living near the beach.

8. Are you waiting for something?

4:45pm. That is usually when my workday is over and my real life begins.

9. What was the last shocking news you heard?
Nothing really shocks me anymore. I guess I have become desensitized to celebrity scandal, and there is no end to evil in the world, so nothing really takes me by surprise.

10. What are three things you wouldn’t do for a million dollars?

Kill someone I love.
Spend my life in prison/ kill myself. (what use is all that money then?)
Become a republican. (Zing!)


  1. Nice answers...has John taken over your Ten on Tuesdays, Faith? I think he needs to start his own blog!

  2. Rescue animals are the best! When we got our cat, it had to be a rescue, no kitty mills


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