Tuesday, March 02, 2010

John's Ten on Tuesday

Me: You want to do a Ten on Tuesday?
John: YES!
Me: Really? You do?
John: Yes! That would be awesome?
Me: Wow. Ok. *goes to hand him the computer*
John: Oh. I thought you were talking about a Papa John's thing that I could do for my dinner tomorrow night. You know Papa John's Ten on Tuesday.
Me: *laughs* Nope.

For real though, here are John's answers to Chelsea's Ten on Tuesday questions:

1. If you were given an hour to use a $200 Amazon gift card, what would you buy?Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, preorder Final Fantasy XIII, and the Planet Earth Blu-ray collection.

2. Are there any fairly common foods that you’ve never had?
A whole mango. (I'm allergic)

3. What was your favorite way to use your imagination as a kid?
I always had Matchbox cars and GI Joes, so everything was either a track or a fort. I was also a big fan of playing as Luke Skywalker on Jabbas barge from Return of the Jedi.

4. What’s your favorite state? Why?
My favorite state to visit would be Hawai'i, but if I could live anywhere, it would probably be in San Diego, California. Perfect weather, great Mexican food/culture, great surfing, close to the cool stuff in LA, but it is not LA.

5. If it was our culture to have our parents choose our spouses, do you think yours would make a good choice?
No way. This is not even a funny question. Imagine a blonde with big boobs, that loves to go to church. (That is a combination of my Dads ideal and my Moms ideal)

6. What’s your favorite herb?
Not fennel - it looks like rat turds. Not anis - it sounds too much like 'anus'. Probably cilantro (aka Chinese Parlsey) because it goes in so many things. Is cinnamon an herb? If it is then Cinnamon is definitely up there too.

7. If you could have dinner with one celebrity, who would you choose?
Will Ferrel. I think I would laugh so hard I would shoot beer out of my nose.

8. What’s your favorite Disney movie?
Either Jungle Book, Fantasia 2000, or Alladin.

9. If you had to listen to the same song over and over for 24 hours, what song would you choose?
Probably Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.

10. How do you order your steak?
Medium Rare. I think they should de-horn it, slap in on the butt, and put it on my plate.


  1. I'm sorry John but I don't think mango is classified as a common food, at least not in my sheltered world. Great answer to #9...I'd have to agree!

  2. I love how men are always so decisive in their answers...it cracks me up. But how does he know he's allergic to mango if he's never tried it?

  3. Yuck, I hate mango. I sucked it up and tried the actual thing once, but it just solidified the fact that I hate all things mango flavored.

  4. I also agree with the Three Little Birds answer. But by hour 12 or so, I think it would really start reminding me of I Am Legend.

  5. John the HusbandMar 2, 2010, 5:12:00 PM

    Yes, I have tried mango, but I only tried a small piece because my mom is allergic to it, and we generally share the same allergies. I think it tastes pretty good, but I am definitely allergic to it. Bummer.

  6. Yep, that's how I found out I was allergic to cashews. :(

  7. Will Ferrell would be an awesome dinner partner!!!


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