Monday, March 15, 2010


The garden is coming along.


I have a bunch of tomato and pepper seedlings that I've transferred into larger containers. In fact everything grew in the seed starter kits so I have way too many! I have 6 extra tomato and 4 extra pepper plants that I can't bring myself to kill. Hopefully I'll be able to pawn them off of some people that want a plant or two.

About a month ago I planted onion sets. They're taking off already, but they take the longest to finally harvest. I have three squares of onions.


Two weeks ago I planted all my seeds - squash, zucchini, spinach, 2 types of lettuce, marigolds, nasturtium, cucumbers, and radish. I took these pictures midweek, so we're only a week and a half after planting. These are my radishes:


I have two squares of these. I planted some near the spinach since they're supposed to help keep leaf miners away. Here are two squares of spinach followed by one of radishes


I did buy two jalapeno plants rather than start them from seed.


You can barely tell, but here are some lettuce plants. (They're much more noticeable this week)


I was outside this weekend and one of my squash plants has sprouted. The week after I planted the garden I put out grass seed. Not a good idea. It was really hard to get the grass seed spread out without getting it in the garden bed. I've only seen 1 blade of grass sprout so far though.


  1. I wish we could plant already! I have also heard marigolds help keep all kinds of bugs away...

  2. What a great post for the Ides of March!!!

  3. Meredith - yep! I've got two squares of marigolds over by my tomato plants.


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