Monday, February 22, 2010

The Washcloth

I finished the washcloth last night. Will I even actually wash anything with this item? Probably not. Here it is in all it's uneven, holey glory though!

My very first knitting project - a washcloth

I like that it shows my progress. I have a tendency to drop stitches no matter where I am in the project as evidenced by the first half. The second half is where I really got good. My stitches are tighter and my rows straighter. I noticed when I was about the drop a stitch and fixed it. Everyone else in class did a more complicated one with decorative holes on the edges and that they knitted in a diamond shape. I took the easy route, but I'm rather proud of my uneven holey washcloth thank you very much!

I had no idea how to cast off so I You Tubed it. I found some comments about a knitting tutorial that a lot of people recommended. I've found a lot of great videos on things, but nothing that goes step by step from beginning to end. I'll watch something and wonder, "what do I do with the leftover tail?" "How come mine always seems stretched out when I knit my first row?" and so on. This tutorial actually goes from slipknot to casting on to knitting your first several rows. It was made for teenagers and the little boys that are knitting in the videos crack me up, but it's the MOST helpful tutorial I've found online.

Tonight in class we move on to fingerless mittens. From what I can tell they're really just washcloths sewn up the middle with a thumb hole. I'm totally going to rock those mittens!


  1. The second half looks great! What stitch were you using?

  2. I think it looks great! I'd use it. Do you have to buy special yarn to make a washcloth for when it gets wet? My sister once made me a sweatshirt and the one arm was like at my waist. I'm sure it'll get better. Good for you for finishing it!

  3. Meredith - I've only learned knit stitch so I guess it's all garter stich. With the mittens tonight we're learning purl.

    Alyssa - according to my teacher depending on use is what type of yarn. You can use it for washing dishes and use or coarser yarn. If you want it for your body or face then a slightly softer one. I mean you regularly wash knitted things so there's no special yarn really. We used a brand called Sugar & Cream which is what she makes all her washcloths from. (the names of yarns crack me up) I'm still not turned on by a knitted washcloth, but she swears by them. I guess if you wanted to go really green you could use them since you can easily throw them in the washing machine and they have a longer life than regular washcloths.


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