Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Update on the TOE!

Yes, the TOE! or the OMT, whichever you prefer.

Last week I was sick with a sore throat from hell, but my stupid toe was also throbbing. It sucked. I called the hottie foot Dr. and spoke to his nurse who told me to put the boot back on and moved up my appointment. I didn't put the boot back on, but was glad to have my appointment moved up.

The Dr. told me he wanted me to get a MRI just to make sure that there wasn't something else going on, and to see if maybe he should do a cortisone injection in another spot. I had the MRI yesterday. Have you ever had one? They're really loud. My mom hates them and cannot begin to comprehend how I am able to sleep through one. I could sleep through ANYTHING! Although, I think I woke myself up snoring at one point. Yikes. Anyway, so MRI was yesterday and Dr. called me back today about my results. He said he didn't see anything aside from a lot of really bad inflammation. So he wants me to at least finish the prescription he gave me and maybe move on to jsut plain old ibuprofen next. In two weeks I'll go in for another cortisone shot. I've also been sentenced to tennis shoes only which isn't too big of a deal aside from how Klassy they make me look at work. Everyone thinks I'm being super healthy and have just come back from a walk and I'm just going to let them go right ahead and believe that all they want!

He did ask about any other joint pain when I kind of complained that it sucked that we don't have a cause. Granted, it's nice to have a diagnosis that isn't on the verge of obscure, but I'd like to know the cause so I don't have to deal with this again. I do have problems with my SI joint which has been acting up lately as well as my wrist pain and my mystery knee pain. I just thought the knee was from the boot and lack of working out, the SI joint is also from lack of working out and the wrist is from the knitting. Plus they all hurt on and off so it wasn't a big deal. Well now I have to go and have a blood test for arthritis. Yeah. At freaking 27 and 3/4 years old I could have something like rheumatoid arthritis. I really hope someone's going to buy me a walker for my birthday because I'm officially on the old lady train!


  1. Oh my gosh, one of these days you're going to star in an episode of Mystery Diagnosis!

  2. John the HusbandFeb 11, 2010, 5:02:00 PM

    Maybe old... but still smokin' hot!

  3. Awww!!!! Sweet husband! I hope it gets better soon...for now at least it's an excuse to see Dr. Hottie McHottie!

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  5. Girl, we can ride the old lay train together! In fact, I have a walker I'm not using at the moment that you can borrow!

  6. Hm....I actually have arthritis (offically diagnosed) in my knees. My knees sound like a bag of crushed shells every time I bend them. It's pretty hot.....


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