Wednesday, February 10, 2010


One of John's New Year's goals was to build some shelves out in the garage. Our garage had some prebuilt shelves when we moved in, but they weren't the greatest quality. Most of our stuff is stored in the big Rubbermaid bins so they stack easily, but it just looked messy.

Two weekends ago I was at Home Depot and they had a whole display area set up with different shelving units. There was one that I particularly liked, it was $68 which I thought was a pretty good deal, and so I made a mental note to tell John about it when I got home. Of course, I totally forgot until the next week when I went back and the display was broken down and all the shelving units used were now half off. That's right. We got the $68 shelves for just $35! You can't build shelves for that price! I took a picture, texted it to John, who loved them, said "let's buy 'em, but how are we going to get them home?"

Yes, we live in Texas. No we don't drive trucks nor do we have any friends that drive trucks. However Home Depot has a truck that you can rent for an hour and a half for just $20. Cheaper than you can rent one for anywhere else and if you just need to haul a little bit of stuff, totally worth it in my mind! While I was standing in line to rent the truck, the people in front of me rented the one and only truck. The other location near us also had their one and only truck rented out so we were kinda stuck. I had plans that evening so I left John to it and after a few trips where he had to kidnap a friend's husband, he didn't have his current insurance and the store was about to close, he eventually got the truck rented and the shelves loaded. I feel bad that he had to do it all by himself (thanks babe), but then I came home to this beautiful organized garage.

House 008

Isn't it lovely?

Here is the "Sports Stuff" Shelf

House 009

Now we just need to update this mess

House 010

We also organized under our kitchen sink recently. We had to take everything out in order to replace our ugly old faucet with this beauty.

House 015

This was a project I had wanted to tackle for awhile and even believe that I had bought some containers to do this once upon a time. Where are those containers now? No idea! None! I swear that I bought them though! I did have 3 wire mesh baskets that I used to use at my desk sitting around in the garage. Voila! Perfect for organizing the 80 million bottles under the sink!

House 016

The little trash can is what I use for my compost scraps.

We also organized our tupperware cabinet, but it's pretty boring so I won't make you fall asleep looking at those pictures. Organizing the tupperware cabinet is quite a feat though. I'm pleased to say that we've also kept it up for about a month.

What do you do around your house to stay organized? We have NO closet or storage space in our house so we've had to get creative and hide a lot of stuff under the bed in the guest room.


  1. OMG! I love those shelves...I bought like 5 of them for storage at work. Not sure if they came in the same box but we put the seat down in the Jeep Cherokee and they all fit perfect but boy were those things HEAVY!!! Looks good Faith!

  2. We definitely need some garage shelves as well...we have SO MUCH JUNK!! I am forever wanting to do massive dump runs, but somehow, we still accumulate more and more JUNK.

  3. I am addicted to my labelmaker. I've even labeled the silverware drawer, the pantry shelves, and the baskets in the pantry. It makes me feel organized.

    I like to use containers. So the pantry has baskets for rice, pasta, baking, etc.; the laundry room has tins for laundry supplies, dog stuff, cleaning products. The linen closet even has canvas baskets.

    Your garage looks great!


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