Monday, February 01, 2010


John and I bought shelving for the garage this weekend - more to come on that adventure later - but last night while he was making room in the garage he came across this sign:


and wow, I had no idea the picture was so bad! I took it on my phone last night and it wasn't until I downloaded it this morning that I realized how poor the quality was. I'm still going to share it with you though. It says: Faith, I love you!! -John

John made me this sign when we lived in our apartment. The weekend we moved in was Mother's Day weekend, it was the weekend that I graduated college, I had friends and family visiting and I had to work. It was an insane weekend. I had absolutely no time to unpack, to organize, to even sit down a think for a minute. One day I came home from work and John had unpacked all the boxes, organized, cleaned and had made this sign and hung it on the wall above our bed. I can't remember how long we had this sign up on the wall. It was probably years. I hadn't thought of this sign in forever and it was a sweet reminder of the past when John came across it last night.

Love you too babe!


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