Thursday, February 11, 2010

Garden Plans

I started my seeds about a week ago using a Burpee seed starter kit. I chose this one over others because the soil pots actually expand and you just pick them up and throw them in the ground. Much easier than trying to fish them out of containers.

House 007

I believe the sprouts are tomato plants. I of course did not label them so I'm just going off what I think they are. Will label in the future.

House 005

I also hope the rest of the try starts to grow soon. It'll suck to have to start over, but we'll see!

This corner of the yard is where I wanted to put my bed. The original location didn't work out because it doesn't get sun until almost the afternoon. This location is also closer to the patio, but when John and I went out to measure it he declared it to be too steep to try to make flat.

House 020

Our whole backyard is sloping a bit because the house backs up to a utility easement. Wherever we put the garden we're going to have to have a dog path - they like to chase and bark at the kids that run around back there.

House 021

The flatest part is that mud pit in the middle of the yard. There used to be a very sad Mimosa tree there and I think we've finally killed it. It's actually where we put the bounce house for John's birthday. This is the spot that John suggested. I'm worried that it'll be right smack in the middle of our back yard and that the dogs may be more likely to run through it. They are mostly perimeter poopers and players and don't spend a lot of time running through the middle of the yard though. I'd like to not have a giant mud pit in the middle of the yard and if we put the garden there we don't have to make yet another attempt at growing grass there. We really don't use this part of the yard at all though. Our yard is L shaped. This part is behind the house and the deck where we spend most of our back yard time runs along the side of the house.

What do you think? Is putting it right smack in the middle of the yard a bad idea? The bed will be 4x8. When we measured it out it's not very big at all and doesn't take up much space. We'll also have paving stones that lead out there.


  1. I think that I might just buy plants instead of seeds this year- none of my seeds made it for the long haul last year (thanks cat). I say go for it in terms of the garden unless you would be wanting to sell your house in the near future.

  2. I think as long as it doesn't take up too much room and you can easily get around it, it'll be fine. Just protect it well from the doggies! Also, whatever you use to protect the garden, make sure it's fairly windproof. Some strong winds blew off the cover we put on to protect the plants from the heat.

  3. I did my own starter pots last year (trying to be very "green"). They worked great! In the video she says to remove the paper, but I only removed the bottom and have a feeling that's why I had deep roots - they were forced to grow down instead of out. Making the pots would be a good "John project". Here's the link: As for the location, look at the time the garden would be exposed to sun rather than level ground - it's more important in my opinion.

  4. Haha - I was looking at how to keep a dog out of the garden and found this.....John will LOVE IT!

    This will sound strange, but adult male human urine has hormones in it that repels other mammals. It makes use of the fact that males mark territory with urine. Such marking is taken as a "do not trespass" message. It will also deter rabbits, deer, etc.
    I used marigold around the garden and had no nibblers or bug problems and I live next to woods. I used a bar of soap hung from a trellis to keep deer out - they don't like human smelling things.....


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