Monday, February 15, 2010

Devil Dog

also known as Rufus in our house. We call him the devil a lot (be sure to add in a Kathy Bates accent from Water Boy). He has incredibly stinky farts that are made of just pure evil. He's recently learned to crop dust. I kid you not. That damn dog will be standing next to you at one moment, gone the next and you're left standing in this green cloud of stench. Most of the time he's just a complete terror. Recently the vet determined that he's suffering from separation anxiety so we're trying a couple of things to help him with that. What is it with me and charity case dogs?

Anyways the other night John and I were out back measuring off the garden bed when we looked over at some scratchings that Rufus left in the dirt. John looks at me and says, "Doesn't that look like a pentagram?" I take a closer look and sure enough, the damn dog drew a pentagram in the dirt outside. Evil, I tell you! Evil!

I tweeted about this and proof was requested so here's a crappy cell phone pic for you:


I've heard many things since this incident. Like maybe Rufus is just creative and has a future in puppy art. I've been told by several that my house needs to be blessed and many prayers need to be said. A lot of people (like us) think it's funny. If Rufus ever lets you get close to him (he's still terrified of others) don't get fooled by that cute little face,


we're pretty sure the devil resides in him and John swears that he's in his colon.


  1. I think it looks like he was drawing an airplane!

  2. Seriously folks, I guess the devil doesn't photograph very well because the dirt pentagram was PERFECT in our yard. This photo does NOT do it justice in any way. I am considering calling a canine exorcist to get the demon from Rufus' butt!


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