Friday, February 12, 2010

Conversations with John

*Leaving the house to go to a Super Bowl party*

Me: Crap! I forgot to print out the directions! I'll be right back! *uses John's computer since it's on, prints off directions and gets into car*
Me: You totally left porn up on your computer!
John: *laughs* You're talking about the girl that was flashing her boobs? (it was one of those emails that have the little moving pictures in them)
Me: Yeah.
John: *laughing* Guess who sent that to me.
Me: Your sister?
John: *laughing* YOUR DAD!
Me: What!? What!? My dad sent you that!? I'm going to call him right now and ask him why he's sending porn to my husband.
John: NO! Don't!
Me: Why not?
John: Because then it'll stop.
Me: Gross babe. Just gross.


  1. LOL! This made my day.

    Justin and my dad have a similar relationship...they are Bob & Tom buddies.

  2. hahaha....why did you think I did that? Oh, yeah - you know me!

  3. Kristie, you are the queen of inappropriate emails. I'm terrified every time one shows up in my work email. Although apprearantly, my dad is giving you a run for you money.


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