Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday night I got an itch to go see a movie and went and saw Leap Year. I left John and home (he was very glad) and me and the boot went together. It was cute, girly and predictable. Pretty much what you would expect.

Saturday I went to WW and lost 1.6 pounds. I have no idea how I did that which probably means this week I'll gain it all back. Especially since I can't work out with the boot. Oh well.

Then we got together for our friends' son Josh's birthday. His momma Kandis did a Winter One-derland for him - Texas style. Which means you try to turn a very Texas space into winter. You do the best you can since Texas has no idea what winter is and Kandis did a great job for her little man.

Weekend 001

Josh discovered the awesomeness that is whipped cream

Weekend 013

and had no interest in the cake no matter how hard him mom and dad tried to get him to smash it

Weekend 024

He pretty much started screaming right after this picture

Weekend 023

After the party I went home a rested up a bit because my favorite girl Emily was visiting from Germany.

Emily Visit 2


Emily Visit 5

Florist Erin and I

Emily Visit1

met up with her at the Lion and Rose for some interesting conversations about bidets. Emily and her husband Jordan are the second couple I married (in the wedding Emily said her dad calls, The Wedding that Must not be Named - which cracked me up). Jordan's in the Air Force and they're currently stationed in Germany which makes me insanely jealous. I told John I may use my wedding coordinator money to go visit those two which made him a little jealous.

Here we are all together

Emily Visit 4

Someone please yell at me the next time I lean in in a group picture and I'm standing next to someone short. It always makes my boobs look like they're going to eat the poor person next to me.

Can you believe I met these lovely ladies over 2 years ago on The Knot? It's actually kind of fun to tell poor unsuspecting people that you met your friend online! Emily and Jordan should be back for a visit in July and I told them they HAVE to be here for the Hinchman Olympics. I'm holding you to that Emily!

Sunday was football day. Have I told you that John is a huge Colts fan? I have no idea how he became one - I'm the one that lived in Indiana, not him, but he's gotten to be pretty hardcore. Apparently all of our friends got together to watch the two games on Sunday, but John? John needs his giant high def TV to watch his team on so we stayed at home. He has become spoiled in regards to TVs and one of our friends needs to win the lottery and buy some monstrosity of a TV so we can go somewhere else for once. Please guys? Not that I don't love having you all over all the time, but sometimes, I need to get my husband out of the house.

So as you all know, the Colts won as did the Saints. I would have liked to see a Colts v Vikings match-up because I think that would have been the better game, but John thinks the Colts can beat the Saints easier so that's who he was rooting for. Although with all the mistakes the Vikings had the Colts probably could have beaten them as well. We shall see!


  1. What in the world kind of cake was that??? I like the metal person in the pic with you all.

  2. Superbowl Sunday is going to be a throw-down at our house, being that my dad's team is the Colts and mine is the Saints.

    And I am lucky because we have a mini TV (a strategic decision) and my parents have a HUGE one, which means that I never ever have to host the Superbowl :)

  3. Alyssa - it's one of the giant cupcake cakes. I think she dyed it blue, but it came out a little torquise. She topped it with whipped cream.

  4. None of us need to win the lottery, John just needs to learn that sometimes, human interaction is favorable to a ginormous TV.

  5. LOL Erin! I'll take the lotto win in that case!


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