Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The TOE!

Or my OMT for those following along. I went to the podiatrist today who was a TOTAL HOTTIE! Don't you just love HOT Drs? I mean, being a Dr. is sometimes pretty hot, but when they're good looking too? Julie also says that the other Dr. is also hot in an older, Harrison Ford type of way. Anyways, back to the toe. I actually heard the Dr. say to the nurse when she was in the hall explaining my case say the words, "Mystery Pain." Thank you. I'm glad it has become a medical term because that's almost ALWAYS what I have.

So he poked my foot a bit, looked at my Xrays and decided to do an ultrasound to get a better look at the joint. Of course the whole time I'm looking at the screen and seeing nothing but black and white fuzz for 5 minutes until he finally describes to me what's going on. I have a ton of fluid and inflammation in my joint, similar to bursitis. Ten points goes to mom because that was her prediction after gout. He also didn't totally rule out gout, big jerk. However, the treatment I received today is one that is also used to treat gout.

So for treatment I got a SUPER FUN shot of cortisone in my big toe. As I writhed in pain during the procedure that involved painfully cold numbing spray and two needles, the hot Dr. coached me on and said I was doing great and I could cuss him out when we were done. I told him if I could give him a shot in his toe we'd be even. He laughed and asked if it was the most painful thing I've had done, and I told him no, the five needles that were shoved into my neck for my thyroid biopsy totally had this beat, but that I never wanted to have either done again.

He also changed my anti-inflammatory since obviously the one I'm on isn't work. The boot sentence is also over as of tonight. He said that the cortisone shot may take a few days to kick in (right now it's THROBBING). I'm allowed to exercise, but no running or walking or exercises that make me put pressure on the balls of my feet or make me go up on my toes. That also means no heels, but I pretty much live in flats anyways.

We're not really sure of the cause, but at least for once I have a diagnosis! Woo Hoo! I have an appointment in two weeks so he can see how I'm doing. If I'm doing great I can cancel. If things don't improve we'll do an MRI.

Since I'd had to have a post without a picture here's what a tall girl looks like at the Foot Dr. (my feet should have been on the mat)


After I took this they did extend it all the way, but my feet still hung off. Oh well.

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  1. Glad you figured out what it was, bummer that it hurt so bad and I think all podiatrists are sis had one that was...dreamy!


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