Thursday, January 14, 2010


Reese is terrified of thunderstorms. Terr-i-fied! If there's a storm at night we're almost always woken up by her jumping onto the bed and shaking uncontrollably.

Well last night a storm blew in and John and I both woke up with a 45 pound dog shaking on our heads. Yep. She's started jumping on our faces when she's scared. She did this about 4 times before she got the bright idea to hide under the bed. Oh yeah, that's right. Our 45 pound dog thought it would be an even better idea to crawl under the bed.

Now Riley? He fits under there perfectly. Rufus? He fits under there all right. Reese though? Not.At.All. Doesn't she look squished under there?


It's maybe, maybe a foot off the ground. Probably shorter. Plus we have those rods that run along so the clearance is even shorter. Of course when she decided to try to get out this morning she headed straight towards one of those rods.


Then she got stuck and couldn't turn over to slide herself out. Poor old Reese.


I eventually got her flipped on her side and pulled her out. It's pouring outside right now so we'll see how tonight goes. Hopefully the storm will be over before we go to bed. I don't think I can do two nights in a row with Reese jumping on my head (and definitely not at 3 in the morning).


  1. My Daisy HATES thunderstorms too, and fireworks. She went nuts on NYE. She either climbs under the covers with me whimpering and shaking or goes under the bed. Poor babies!

  2. Poor puppy but cuuutttee pictures!


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