Friday, January 08, 2010

Random Bits

Mt. Cedar is finally catching up to me and kicking my ass. I woke up with itchy eyes (not itchy enough to be seen in public with my glasses though) and a sore throat from hell. I also felt like crap from all the wine I drank at wine night last night. It was worth every WW point I spent on it though! (A bottle of wine is 10 btw).

I'm wearing a dress with tights and boots today. It was 22 degrees out with I left the house. John kept asking me where my pants were. I explained that the dress is more of a sweater, tights are thick, I'm wearing socks over the tights and under the boots and with all that I'd be plenty warm. What I didn't tell him was that I also haven't shaved my legs in I don't know how long (it seriously might be pushing 2 weeks) so I'm sure that's giving me some extra warmth. John just kept repeating that he could see through my pants.

Just before I headed out the door this morning, John runs into the bedroom wearing his "long johns" where I'm standing in front of the full length mirror and says, "Whose legs look better in tights?" Gotta love him!

Cracked up this morning at the news anchor that put a cup of water on the ground while she was doing her news report outside. Was suprised that after an hour it still hadn't frozen. It's cold, but not that cold people. People here crack me up when it gets cold. This is nothing! Throw on an extra layer and get on with business. Can you Northerners believe one of our news stories this morning was about school closures? Yes, people were actually questioning whether or not they were going to close schools today because of the cold (they did not). I've had my school close before because of the cold, it was -40* outside. Had they closed schools here I may have died.

I don't know why I got out of bed today. My brain is clouded by pseudoephedrine. I doubt I'll be able to accomplish much. I'm lucky I can keep my eyes open at the moment (both because I'm tired and because when they're open I'd like to scratch them out). Bed sounds warm and comfy right now.


  1. Does pseudophedrine make you tired? Because for me, it makes me as wired as a meth-head. I *wish* it made me tired, and I also wish for some right now.

    Also, I love the long-johns story!

  2. You feel the exact same way I do (I actually sneezed as I'm typed that)...I wish I'd stayed in bed too and I plan on doing that this afternoon/tonight when I get home. I sent Matt to push snow with a thermos of the thermos wasn't that great or it was really, really cold because the coffee was frozen when he got home-you can tell the news lady that!

  3. That mountain cedar's a bitch, isn't she? She's kicking my butt too. Try some Zyrtec.


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