Thursday, January 21, 2010

Plumbing Update

So John and I headed out to buy a new spout at Home Depot last night. We found one we liked and took it home. John told me it was my project, good luck, and if he heard me scream then he knew I had flooded the bathroom. He was sweet enough to volunteer his man strength should I need it though.

I finally got all the pieces together (there's 4 different ways to install it depending on the size of your pipe and whether your pipe is threaded or not on the end) and went to turn the water on. I had water coming out of the spout like it was supposed to, turned the shower on, and the water barely came out of the shower head, and mostly out of the spout. I was pissed. I thought I had successfully completed a plumbing project. So I took the whole thing off (which was a major PITA) but the pieces were all stuck together. I took it out to John to try to unscrew it and he broke a piece (not a major one, it'd still work just fine). He thought that maybe the shower head was clogged or something was stuck in the pipe and maybe that's what the problem was. We head into the bathroom and decide, hey, lets just put our finger over the pipe and see if we can make water come out of the shower head. Well surprise, it works!

So now we know that the line is clear, the shower head is clear, and it obviously has to do with the spout. I get the whole thing back on there, turn the water on and then realize, we bought the wrong kind of spout. This one has a little connection to install a "personal shower line" onto it. Yep. We're really great a reading packaging. Because it's broken I can't return it (it was only $17) but will go back tonight to buy the right one. I'm just glad that I know I can properly install it so there is a bit of success to this story.

Another great thing that I learned is that I can not only buy a new spout, I can also easily change out the handles. They have some that fit specific brands or there are universal ones (the spouts are all universal as well). Now I don't have to spend $100+ on a new spout and handles for the bathroom. I can spend less than $50 and get an updated look in my bathrooms. Awesome!


  1. HECK YES! I am totally impressed by your DIY skills!

  2. I will totally echo Mer, you rock! You know minus the whole reading packages thing lol. :)

  3. Wow! Great job...maybe you can come help Matt with our bathroom???

  4. You're awesome! I probably wouldn't have even attempted it anyway....I would just give that "pretty please" look so Jason would do it.


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