Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Our First Fire

Yes, we live in Texas.

Yes, our house has a fireplace and no, we have not used it in the 2 years we've lived there.

Yes, we also have ceiling fans in every room including the kitchen.

Yes, we generally do not get much of a winter here.

But folks, it's freaking COLD outside. While today is our warmest day with a high in the mid 50s it's been in the 20s at night, windy during the day, and tomorrow we're supposed to have wind chills of 10 degrees. 10 degrees! I'm sorry, but I served my time those 5 years I lived in Indiana. I've done the negative 40 degree wind chill temps. I've walked on 2 feet of frozen snow. In fact I've seen a snow drift so big it wanted to eat our two story house. I've been there done that. Let me have my mild winters thank you very much!

So last night, I was freezing in my house (we keep it at 72, but 73 makes all the difference to me. I don't know how some people keep it in the upper 60s in their house). I was cuddled up under a blanket in the bedroom and came out and told John I wanted to start a fire. It was going to be freaking cold all week and I wanted a fire. John is terrified that our house is going to blow up if we light a fire. In fact I told him if it was going to make him feel better he could bring the hose in from the back yard just in case. He opted to let me shine a flashlight up the flue to see if there were any blockages.

Say yay! We made fire!

Fire 023

Yes, it's one of those fire logs, but still! We made fire!

Here's Reese hanging out by the fire.

Fire 004

I enjoyed sitting by it eating popcorn. The dogs enjoyed watching me eat the popcorn.

Fire 008

They sit so still and pretty when they want something

Fire 012

John got a little camera happy - "Dad. Get that thing outta my face"

Fire 016

Creepy demon eyes

Fire 022


  1. You will be using that fire alot in the next couple of days...bring on the cold! Trust me, I'm a meteorologist :D

  2. Aw the pups are so cute! I LOVE making fires in our fireplace. Congrats!

  3. Lucky you! I live in Missouri and we don't have a fireplace!!! Love the dog pics.

  4. HAHA! Nope, I hadn't even gotten to this post yet! Lol, I love it though. You go on, you enjoy your fire place . . . while we're sleeping with two down blankets!

    I love it . . . I know there's truth that you guys just aren't equipped for the weather like we are, but man oh man!

    I had to laugh at not knowing what Carhartt's were!

  5. The coloring of your big pup is JUST like mine.

    We've been in our house a little over 2 years and we haven't used our fireplace.


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