Friday, January 22, 2010

OMT Update

I just got home from the local Med Clinic. I chose them over my regular Dr. because they do in house Xrays and I didn't want to wait around for another week for results. Well this Dr. didn't seem to think it was gout because I've had no redness or heat, just a tiny bit of swelling. She did an Xray which showed nothing and recommended me to a podiatrist. I'm also sporting some really awesome footwear in the meantime.


I still have to take my anti-inflammatories as well. Since I'm still having pain she asked if I needed any narcotic pain meds for night time. I turned them down though, I prefer a little bit of self-medication. :)


Besides that boot is surprisingly comfortable!

Podiatrist appointment is next Friday. Julie recommended one to me and said it took her no time to get in, it just happens all the Drs are out of town next week. Just my luck!

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