Friday, January 22, 2010


That stands for Old Man Toe which is what John and I are calling my gout toe. Actually I can exactly call it gout anymore. My blood results came in and my uric acid levels were normal, BUT that doesn't necessarily rule out gout. Then I explained that I still had swelling and pain in my toe. That's not normal for gout. By now (and especially with the meds) I shouldn't have any of that. While the pain isn't as bad as it was, I still can't bend my toe (it's amazing how you don't even realize how much you bend your toe when you can't do it), and it's a little painful to walk sometimes. I'm keeping it elevated (you might laugh at my current office setup that allows me to do this) and have been soaking it in epsom salts. The soakings really help with the swelling, but by the end of the day it's back. No, my toe isn't giant either. You couldn't even tell unless you touched it in just the right spot that it was swollen. That's the plus side to having skinny feet. Your foot swells and it still looks like a normal foot.

So, I'm waiting to hear back from the doctor today (I talked to the nurse yesterday). We're guessing I might need an Xray to see what's up. I just hope it's not some other mystery ailment like I normally have...."well, we understand you have pain and we know where it is, we're just not sure why. It's probably because you're just too flexible." While that's worked with my wrist and my back, I'm not sure how a toe can be flexible. We'll see.


  1. I am also medical anomaly girl. Doctors will say "Well it could be ________, but that's very unusual for someone your age."

    And then I say, "Yeah, and having your appendix on the wrong side is very unusual too, but that didn't stop me!"

    This is why I drive over an hour to see my GP from growing up...he knows my weirdness!

    I still hope you toe feels better!

  2. My toe is having sympathy pain for you...hope it gets better soon!


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