Monday, January 11, 2010


So the other day I get this email asking me to go online and fill out this background check form. I'm all "weird, I didn't apply for a job with the FAA." I'm a little hesitant even though I've heard of the form, know you need an invite to fill it out, but I still kind of don't trust the email. I hover the links to see if they link to where they're supposed to, but I don't click anything and kind of disregard it.

Then today I get another email saying that they have received my form and I need to drop off an I-9 and my fingerprints at such and such location. I'm thinking, "I didn't submit any form" and where they want me to drop this stuff off is in New Jersey. I decide to look up the lady's name from the FAA and give her a call. I leave her a voicemail and then Google the company (a company rep was copied on the email with firstname.lastname at I get the company's number, call and ask for the person on the emails (I'll call her Jane Doe).

Person: Thank you for calling Company Name how can I help you?
Me: Is Jane Doe available?
Person: Can I ask whose calling?
Me: This is Faith Hinchman
Person: Oh Faith! Hi! How are you?
Me: Good
Person: So everything coming along then?
Me: Um. Who is this?
Person: You don't know my name?
Me: Um. No. I've been getting these emails asking me to fill out background check forms that I never filled out but yet received an email saying that they did.
Person: Oh. Ok. Well this is Jane Doe. You said your name was Faith Hinchman?
Me: Yes. I live in San Antonio and last time I checked I didn't fill out a form for ya'll, but I've been getting these emails.
Jane: Oh ok. Who sent you the emails?
Me: FirstName LastName with the FAA and then you're name was copied on there so that's why I'm calling.
Jane: Ok. Well Faith is a new employee with us, but I'm not sure why you're getting her emails.
Me: Yeah. I was a little confused and just want to make sure someone's not trying to steal my identity or something.
Jane: No, no. I understand. I know she didn't get the original email and I had to forward it to her. What is your email?
Me: *gives email address*
Jane: Ok. Yeah. They should be different. I'll get with Faith and with the FAA and get it straightened out.
Me: Ok. Here's my number just in case anyone needs to get ahold of me.

I also got a call from the lady with the FAA and it's all worked out. You don't meet THAT many Faiths, but there are even less Hinchmans out there. The two combined? According to How Many of Me there should only be 1 of us. Guess what? They're wrong.
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How many have your name?

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  1. That's crazy...and kinda creepy! Glad it worked out okay.


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