Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bragging Rights

My mom, as most mom's do, loves bragging about her kids. I've given her tons of opportunities to brag over the years (probably way more opportunities than my brothers have). She's totally the type to bring in newspaper clippings, photos, etc whenever something memorable happens.

Me: Guess what?
Mom: What?
Me: I totally thought someone was trying to steal my identity today.
Mom: What?
Me: Seriously! *tells story*
Mom: *Laughs* Only you....
Me: I know. I could totally have my own reality TV show one day or at least write a book.
Mom: Well you've already been on TV and in a magazine (referring to the episode of Whose Wedding is it Anyways and our picture that was in the most recent issue of The Knot). I just wish they had put a picture in that magazine that showed your face.
Me: It's not like I had any choice mom. They called the photographer and picked a picture they liked. Oh, and don't forget I've been on TV 7 times. Remember? I was on 6 episodes of Texas Justice.
Mom: Oh, I had forgotten about that. I never saw any of those though.
Me: Yeah, I didn't either. Hey, I made 40 bucks though! Oh I was also on the radio.
Mom: You were? Did you just call in or did they interview you?
Me: Well they were talking about people that got ordained online and wanted to talk to someone that had done it so I called in.
Mom: I could do that, marry people.
Me: I'm sure you could. Make the flowers and then marry people. Oh, I'm also getting interviewed for my fraternity's magazine. They called me yesterday to do a profile on me.
Mom: I don't read that magazine.
Me: Well, like 250,000 people do. It's online, I'll email you a copy when it's published.
Mom: Is it going to have your picture at least? Are they going to show your face this time?
Me: Yes mom.

So John doesn't get left out of the conversations

*Taco Bell commercial with the guy that walks up to the register and asks to order from a certain girl is on TV*
John: Whatever! I only wish the girls at Taco Bell were that hot!
Me: Hey! I worked at Taco Bell once upon a time! *gives THE STARE*
John: Yeah....I mean that they were that hot nowadays....


  1. I didn't realize you guys were on Whose Wedding Was It Anyway! I bet that was really fun!

  2. You can tell John I thought the exact same thing about the Taco Bell commercial. Not so much that I wish the people who worked at TBell were hot. Just that they are not hot.


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