Thursday, December 03, 2009

What to do with the leftover ham bone

I usually give the ham bone to one of the dogs, but this year the think was massive and there seemed to be a least 3 bones in my ham. Since I was exhausted from having just cooked and eaten my 2nd Thanksgiving meal I threw it in a large ziploc bag to be divided up among the 3 critters later. Except, I never got to that either.

My sister-in-law's sister-in-law (is there some other name for that?) contributes to a blog called The Mom Crowd. While it's not exactly high on my reading list (you know, the whole me not being a mom to an actual human being and all), I will pop over there every now and then if I remember to. They mentioned holiday recipes and linked out to some of their favorites. I found this one on that post.

Can I just tell you that this recipe was off the hook? I'm a big fan of anything you can throw into a crockpot (who doesn't like dinner being done when they walk in the door?). I'm not a huge fan of beans though. I've tried them and I generally just don't like them. I am getting better about them as I find people who make amazing beans, or should I say people who make bacon with a hint of beans. So despite my general dislike of beans I decided to give this recipe a try and yeah. A-MAZ-ING. I may try a different bean next time, but that's about it. John said it reminded him of something his mom used to make, only it was better. Awh!

Oh and here is a crappy picture that does not look appetizing in the least bit, so you'll just have to trust this bean hater on how good it is.

Food 005


  1. I haven't clicked the link yet but I'm assuming this bean recipe used the ham bones?

  2. Yep, you throw in beans, the bone, two bay leaves, onion, celery, and chicken broth. Simple, easy and good.

  3. I am pretty convinced that the best tasting food is always the least-photogenic food!


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