Thursday, December 17, 2009

There Goes Christmas

Something on John's want list is a cordless or gas powered weedeater. I did my research and did have to ask a few, "If someone were to buy someone a weedeater would they want something along the lines of these specifications?" So I can't say it was a total secret but I had led him to believe that maybe, just maybe I asked him those questions to throw him off and I was really getting him something like a miter saw or a leaf blower.

Then we came home from dinner and John came around the corner and said, "Hey! Look at this Christmas present!"

Freaking Amazon/Black and Decker couldn't put it in some type of different packaging material? Cover up the logo? Put it in something other than HEY! LOOK! A Weedeater!

John's being very sweet and when I mention how freaking pissed off I was about it, he simply asked, "what is it you're mad about again?"


  1. LOL. Really, that's pretty hilarious!

    But if I were in your shoes, I probably would have cried, and then written Amazon a nasty letter.

  2. That is so sad...but funny at the same time! I'm least he likes it and kudos to you for getting that. I would have totally given him a gift card to pick it out himself.

  3. That's terrible! You should call them and tell them to give it to you for free for ruining your Christmas surprise! Seriously, WTH?

  4. No!!! lol Oh my goodness, that's so lame! Don't they know what time of year it is??

  5. That's ridiculous! Come on Amazon!!!


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