Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving in Pictures

I haven't had too many pictures lately and don't want to scare away my readers with any additional scary spreadsheets (although some do appreciate them!) so here are some pictures from my Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving started off with a bowl of cereal and my nephew Josh Jr. I don't get to see this chunk a dunk very often because he's in Houston and I'm almost never there and things were still getting worked out visitation wise with my brother and Josh's mom. Needless to say, this was the most amount of time I've spent with the little man in probably the 3 years he's been around. Yep, I'm a horrible Tia at times, but I try.

My grandparents have those recliners that practically stand you up. He figured out how to work the controls and had some much fun doing it he literally peed his pants.


My poor mom was recovering from back surgery, was super drugged up and therefore hilarious, and I probably shouldn't have let her near a sharp object, but here she is chopping up the turkey.


John can make some mean mashed potatoes and they've been his responsibility for the past two years.


Mashed potatoes, microwave pot pies, mac and cheese and hot dogs are what he's really good at.

This is Bear my brother's dog. My mom watched her while my dad and brother drove up to Indiana after Thanksgiving dinner for my Great Aunt's funeral. Three losses in a matter of a month is a lot. Especially because this was my Grandma's (whose husband just passed away) sister. She's doing really well though and hopefully this will be it for our family for awhile.


Bear ate an entire Pecan Pie one night and a Pumpkin Pie the next. Sneaky dog.

My nephew just loved John


He absolutely refused to take a picture with me though. I snuck in from the side to take a picture "with him." Two of them were good, but this third one is actually my favorite.


Here's another good one of him


We're all so surprised that not a single one of my nephews or my niece have brown hair or brown eyes. Oh I hope I end up with some blue eyed brown haired babies one day.

Two days later I made another huge dinner for John and I.


I made PW's no knead rolls, and they turned out to be a disaster both times I attempted them. Glazed carrots - I was running behind and chopped them before I steamed them so they'd go faster. They still tasted the same, but I prefer the whole baby carrots. I also made a whole turkey (hey! It was 40 cents a pound, too good of a deal to pass up!), a ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread stuffing, a pumpkin and a cherry pie and PW's Sweet Potatoes. Those things were freaking off the hook! I think those were my favorite. I attempted the mashed potatoes and somehow screwed them up. They were super lumpy and I had to call John in. We're not sure what I did (boil potatoes, add milk, butter, salt and pepper and mash) but they were actually much better the next day. I did finally succeed in making good gravy. In fact I asked John while we were eating if he didn't like the food because he kept covering it in gravy. He laughed and said that it was just because the gravy was so good! So yeah, as I had previously mentioned, a great first dinner and a so so second one. Can't always be perfect right?

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well!


  1. What is a Tia? They say things come in threes so you should be done now. Your meal looks sooo good! Are you still eating leftovers???

  2. Tia = Aunt in Spanish :)

    LOVE Pioneer Woman's glazed carrots. I totally forgot about them this year!

    PS- I'm just jealous of your spreadsheet skills.

  3. Alyssa - yep, Tia means Aunt. I try to get the kids to call us Tia Fey and Tio Juan to piss off my family. It all started because both my brother's significant others got pregnant around the same time and I said, I'm not ready to be an Aunt! So instead of Aunt I'm a Tia. No one in my family appreciates the Spanish language one bit but you can't get mad at a three year old for saying it.

    Meredith - I actually made the chart in PowerPoint and then saved it as a picture. I also thought about making PWs whiskey glazed ones, but just made regular old glazed carrots. Not really a fan of whiskey, but might try it while cooking one year.


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