Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Weekend

Friday night we were supposed to go Drunk Caroling. Doesn't that sound like fun? You let people know you're coming by, you sing a few songs, and then they invite you in and give you a nice big glass of wine. A sick baby foiled our plans, but Deanna and I were determined to do something still. Being indecisive as we are, we left it up to the boys, John suggested bowling, and her date (not quite sure what their status is) agreed.

We decided to go with a Christmas theme and Christmas names. I was Buddy the Elf.


John, aka Clark Griswold loves his ball sack


At the end of the first game I couldn't believe the Deanna aka Santa Baby had beaten me


with her Granny Bowl


I came back in the second game though


Ryan aka Cousin Eddie had some awesome shoes fitting to his character


Sunday we went to John's parents house for a family gift exchange. John's Uncle Steve is quite the character and always makes family gathering interesting.


My sister-in-law Kristie drew my name in the family gift exchange. I got a Starbucks card and subscriptions to Cooking Light and Real Simple. Awesome!


John's step sister got him, but was snowed in up in Pennsylvania. John had Uncle Steve and got him some guitar strings and a bottle of rum.


We played some Wii


Georgia sprayed some Luv's Baby Soft on Skip to get him back for scaring her half to death with this jumping rabbit in a box he set up.


Then John and Uncle Steve sat down to play and sing some Christmas songs.


Here they are singing along


  1. Starbuck card + Real Simple magazine = my perfect gift. Fun weekend!!

  2. I didn't even know that Luv's Baby Soft was still around!

  3. Luv's Baby Soft. Man how I loved that stuff in grade school!

  4. Sounds like fun! Maybe John gave it away what he was getting you because he felt bad about knowing you got him the weedwacker. Merry Christmas Faith! I'm glad I found your blog this year.


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