Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Giant Lumpy Thyroid

6 months into my meds and it's still giant and lumpy. I have Hashimoto's which causes hypothyroidism. A very interesting thing that I learned is that since Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease it can be hereditary if other autoimmune diseases run in your family. Everyone and their uncle has diabetes in my family and my older brother also has Chron's. So maybe this is my thing and I'm safe from diabetes, but who knows. Hypothyroidism slows your metabolism so it's very easy to gain weight and difficult to lose it. As you may know weight can also have a lot to do with diabetes so there is a high risk for me. That's definitely some motivation to lose weight early and keep it off!

My hormone levels were also totally off. I went from a 1 point something which is normal to a 4.8 which depending on your doctor could still be in the normal range, but is very high (some consider the cutoff to be a 5, some around 2-3). So we're doubling my meds to see if that will bring down my levels and hopefully shrink my thyroid some. Right now the size of it hasn't changed at all nor has the largest nodule that was biopsied.

I also had a funny conversation with my Dr. during my appointment regarding my black knee high boots.
Dr.: So how are the other things? Still fatigued? Still have a low tolerance for the cold?
Me: Yep. I'm always freezing, especially now that our "winter" has come.
Dr.: Ok, let's get you on the table so I can examine you.
Me: *Gets up from chair and walks to the table*
Dr.: Wow! Those boots look hot.
Me: Like HOT or like hot?
Dr.: Hot. I can't ever wear boots like that. It's ok when you're outside in the cold, but once you get inside it's just too hot to wear them. How do you do it?
Me: *Laughs* Well, remember that whole cold intolerance thing?
Dr.: *Laughs*

Sometimes you've gotta wonder about doctors...


  1. Okay, so now you have to clarify for me--male or female doctor?!

  2. Female Dr.

    Although the male ultrasound tech usually comments on my shoes as well. It's usually that I make him feel short though.

  3. I was about to ask the same question as Meredith. Hopefully they get that thing shrunk down for ya! FYI-my calves are too big for boots so I can't wear them.


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