Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jeans Rave

I haven't bought jeans from Gap in forever. Probably since some random trip in college. I think I've bought those jeans and a pea coat from there my entire life. I guess I'm just not a Gap kind of girl. I do remember those jeans. I remember loving them. I remember I loved them so much I was laying on the floor trying to get those jeans on while one of my roommates did the whole coat hanger trick to get them on. Ahhh....those were the days!

In an effort to try and find some jeans that 1. fit and 2. are long enough I decided to give Gap another try. I went through the piles of jeans that had already been thrown around (as it was the day after Christmas) and finally found a pair of the Long and Lean style in my size, but not in long. I tried them on and they fit and though they were in regular length I could definitely wear them with flats. I go back out to try to find a pair in long and finally a guy comes over to help me. I ask if they have my size in long and he just gives me this look and is all, "Ummm.....yeah....we've only got those online. You'll have to go with (1 size down) they're stretchy." Wow. Just wow. Stretchy. Are you kidding me!? So I leave the store, feeling like a fatty and a freakish tall person (although for once they had my larger size in store) ready to go online and suck it up to buy what I need online once again.

I go online to see if I can find them and see that they have extra long length for talls. Awesome! Then I start reading the reviews about how the jeans have changed and how many people have found that after a few hours the jeans feel like they're a size too big. So I decide to hold off and to go to another Gap store and see if the smaller size might fit. Plus I'm excited that I was able to find a printable 40% off coupon online that I took with me to the store. While looking for the long in the smaller size I find my size in the extra long length! Score! I grab those and a regular length in the smaller size. I fell in love the the extra long length and knew I had to buy those. The ones that were the smaller size fit ok. They were definitely snug, but I can see how they could become loose with wear and fit comfortably. I went ahead and bought my size, and also scored another 40% off coupon (they have one in store that's 40% on item each Wednesday in January). I may go back and buy the smaller size in long, but haven't decided just yet. The best news, I can wear those extra long length jeans with my 4 inch heels.

In other long jean news, my current pair of high heel jeans are the Sweetheart cut from Old Navy. I tried on a pair and they've gone stretchy as well. So if you're a wearer of those you may need to go down a size in them.

So as of now I have 2/3 of my New Years outfit with these jeans

and these shoes.

Now I just need to find a top.


  1. Great find! I keep hearing that Gap has changed their jeans, too. Guess I need to check it out. I hated their old cuts. Cute shoes too!

  2. Go back to Forever 21, that shirt would go PERFECT with those shoes!!


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