Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

On Thursday last week John and I ventured out to find out tree. Can you believe that this was the first one I looked at? Usually we go through 20 trees before I go back to the first one. John was a little freaked out that I made my choice so quickly this year.

Naked Tree


John putting on the angel


The tree and the mantle


I bought these little advent candle holders last year on clearance from Pottery Barn. I had no idea how much space they would take up let alone what a PITA to light they would be. (This was probably only the second time I've lit any of them) Someone had asked if they were shot glasses, that sounds like a more fun advent calendar than candles!



This is the ornament I got from the Bunco ornament exchange


This is one of the first ornaments I owned as a grown up. One of my clients makes these.


These two I got one year during the Decorating and Renovating Nestie ornament exchange.



These two were potentials for the Bunco exchange this year, but I kept them for myself.



Merry Christmas!



  1. Love the reflection shot. And your tree looks like it smells really good, LOL. Is that weird?

  2. The last picture is cute! I also like the idea of using the candle holders as shot glasses, haha!

  3. Love the last pic! Your tree looks awesome!!!

  4. LOL Kristal. It did smell piney when we got it, but we don't notice it anymore. I'll have to ask someone about it next time we have people over. The one crazy thing about it was that it wasn't as sappy as our previous trees have been. I didn't get any tree sap on me this year which is a first!

  5. The last pic made me laugh :)

    I like the idea of those advent tea lights, but I agree that shots might be more fun....until you reached about 15+! I'm not sure I could handle that!


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