Saturday, December 05, 2009

I'm crafty

John came home and saw me working on this:


Over dinner and a game of Would You Rather he asked what exactly it was. Well I stole the idea from Martha

I bought a large wooden embroidery hoop and used the inside hoop to make mine. I used spray paint to paint the hoop and the clothes pins. I finally went out and bought myself a glue gun and I glued the clothes pins to the hoop with half facing in and half facing out. Here's my finished product:


The bow is actually made up of individual pieces. I glued the first part to the hoop and then glued the ends together. I made individual loops that I glued together to make the pieces for the bow. Then I made a hoop and attached it at the back so I could hang it.


Here it is again with the 2 cards we've received so far.


Can't wait to fill it! It'll be so much better than having cards propped up around the house.


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