Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Card Rejects

I finally got a move on with Christmas cards and ordered them this weekend. Of course I had to get pictures of the dogs. I had one of Reese from the previous year that I was going to use, but still tortured her by putting on a Santa hat. When you put on any item of clothing on her she immediately freezes. She won't move. She just becomes this frozen, humiliated, dead weight until you remove it.

Here's her Christmas card picture


Then John stole the antlers and he and Rufus posed for a picture.


Then Rufus looked so cute curled up on the couch in his sweater I decided to try for the card pictures.


So I put the antlers on him and all he gave me was this


I told him, "Rufus! No one wants to see you junk, now sit up!"

He just said, "What? Why not?"


So I set him up and he looked at John with pleading eyes like why do I have to do this?


and he continued to open his legs and show off his business.

So I moved him to the side of the couch to prop him up against the arm and keep things more PG. Instead he rolled over into his "Sexy Pose"


So at last we put him on the floor so John could kind of hold him.


I swear he is some type of exhibitionist!


We finally got a smile out of him

Here's his actual Christmas card picture


Riley is hard to shoot because he moves his little nose around a lot. Plus he's black and has dark eyes (or eye I should say) so he always looks like the scruffy black thing.

I think he kind of looks like a black Yoda.


The phone rang and that got him to finally perk up a bit


Here's the one I finally used for him


and here's the finished product!


Now since you've all seen it I don't have to send you one right?


  1. Hi Fah! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just added you to my GR. Your dogs are adorable!

  2. I seriously LOLed this whole post! Yah Angie stopped by (comment above)! Love the card, it looks super cute!

  3. He DOES look like a black Yoda!

    The card is great!

  4. So cute!! My dog's eyes always look demonic when I take her picture. Plus she's sooo much cuter in person than in photos. So I don't include her.


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