Thursday, December 03, 2009


Our dogs never seem like they really like eachother. Yeah, they'll occasionally play with eachother - well, Reese and Riley used to play and now it's Reese and Rufus and Rufus usually just picks on Riley - but they never really do anything together.

Rufus' crate is in our office and when we're in there usually one of the three will go and lay in it. Rufus always comes in and acts all perturbed if Reese or Riley are in there, but sleeping on eachother's beds is some weird game the three of them like to play.

Two nights ago Riley seemed a little cold (YES, it's actually cold here. The heater has been on since the weekend and we may even get snow on Friday. SNOW!) so I threw a sweater on him. I knew he had gone into the crate, but when I turned around there was Rufus and Riley curled up in there together.

Food 001

Rufus is terrified of the camera, while Riley ignores me as usual and goes back to sleep.

Food 003

This was the 2nd of 3 bonding experiences we've witnessed with the dogs this week. On Monday I was leaving for work and heard dogs barking. I thought, "Those sound like my dogs except it's not coming from the backyard." I walk to the street and sure enough, there are all three of my dogs barking at some poor old man that was taking an early morning stroll with his dog. While I felt terrible about it, it was so cute to see my little pack of dogs doing something together. On the rare occasions that Reese would get out back when Riley was pulling his escape acts, he would go cruise the neighborhood and Reese would be curled up in a ball of terror on the front porch.

Then last night the three of them all drank from the water bowl together! They don't even eat together in the mornings so this was really crazy. Although I think it may have had something to do with the fact that I had forgotten to refill the bowl and I'm not sure how long they went without water. They could have all just been really thirsty.


  1. We'll forget you didn't refill their bowl and say it was bonding! Cute pups!

  2. Don't you just love dogs?

    Your weather report sounds like mine. Are you in Houston?


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