Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A&M vs Baylor Tailgate

Deanna and I headed out early Saturday morning on our three hour drive to College Station. Is 3 hours a long trip for some of you? I know three hours usually means you're out of your state, but here, that's nothing! Houston is about 3-4 depending on where I'm going and it's not anywhere near the state line. 3 hours south might get you to Mexico depending on which border town you're heading to. My parents are 2 1/2 hours north (outside of Austin) and Dallas is about 4 or so. 6 hours north will finally put me on the Texas/Oklahoma border. Is that crazy to some of you? That's just part of living in the great state of Texas folks!

We made a pit stop in Bastrop which is a halfway point between here and CS. Only, it was a SEA of burnt orange for the University of Texas Longhorns. Well that and camo. Sometimes they were paired together. I told Deanna that I was going to maintain a 10 foot distance from her at all times so I didn't get shot during our HEB trip. We did risk taking a picture outside the store. Hey, this is Texas. People are CRAZY about their sports teams!


The weather was absolutely miserable in CS. It had rained early on and the ground was a mud pit. Of course Deanna and I are wearing cute flats. Not good for the mud folks. Not good at all. We spent most of the day squishing around in our shoes. Oh well! At least I could use the excuse that I thought we'd be tailgating in a parking lot.

We eventually found Brandi's company tailgate and let me tell you - THIS is the way to tailgate.


Seriously this tailgate was awesome! They had the huge tent, tablecloths, with centerpieces (this was when we were leaving so most were gone by then) HUGE BBQ set up, TVs, plywood on the ground so you didn't get too muddy, and best of all - two open bars! They even gave you a free koozie! This is my kind of tailgate!

Here's Deanna and I enjoying having our feet out of the mud for a bit


and Joanne and Brandi


Deanna posing outside Kyle Field



Just a few of the A&M and Baylor students with some alumni


While we were posing for the picture we saw this kid get "pulled over" on a bicycle. We thought it may have been because he was drunk and had a huge case of beer (that takes talent my friends).


Well it turns out he stole a police bicycle (I think he may have had drugs or something on him as well). The police took him off in a cruiser and then what did they do? The poured out the entire case of beer!


It was the saddest thing ever! Thank god that it was crappy beer. Had they been tossing out quality beer I may have been drug off with the bicycle thief!

The cops had a good sense of humor about us yelling that "the beer didn't do anything wrong! Why should it suffer?" "You know you're creating a safety hazard? Someone could slip and fall in that beer puddle you're making" and "It's a beer graveyard! Nooooo!" They even posed for some pictures.


I also introduced Deanna to wine juice boxes on this trip. Wine juice boxes are the best invention EVER! Now your friends that for some reason still don't drink beer have something to drink during float trips on the river! They're absolutely fabulous! This one Deanna has came as a single ($4 for 4 glasses of wine in that bad boy) but you can also buy the cube that's a four pack. This version is a little easier to drink from. The cube kind could really use a little straw attached to the box in my opinion!


So that was our College Station experience. A lot of beer (I purposefully bought beer the college kids wouldn't drink and it worked! We came back from the other tailgate expecting it to be gone and it was all there! Haha! That's what they get for not trying things other than Keystone and Natty Light!) a lot of BBQ and crappy weather.


  1. I actually cried when I saw those pictures of the beer being poured out. I know its Keystone, but its BEER!

  2. That is hilarious about you taking pictures of them pouring out the beer and seriously, who steals a police bike? I mean come on go for a motorcycle or car if you're going to take something!


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