Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Meals, A Comparison

So I was an absolute crazy and decided to cook not one, but two complete Thanksgiving dinners. One at my parents' and one at home for me a John. One was entirely successful, the other not quite.


I don't believe the wine was factor by the way. The burns and kitchen fire all occured before any wine was consumed. If anything those events drove me to drinking thankyouverymuch. The two dishes that needed to be remade were the topping for the sweet potatoes - I used too much butter the first time and the one that still was not successful after two attempts were Pioneer Woman's no knead rolls. The first time I killed the yeast because my milk was too hot. The second time I'm not sure what went wrong, but all I know is that it was a big doughy sticky mess. Oh well! I think something or someone was trying to tell me that I was a complete crazy person for attempting two Thanksgivings and just decided to mess with my cooking abilities. All my luck obviously went to the first meal!

Oh and the almost kitchen fire was from a pot holder that I left on top of a burner that was still on. It just melted and smoked up the house a bit. John was right there and noticed it first. Oops!


  1. Oh geez! If I'd burned a pot holder and Matt noticed before would be bad! Anyways, I'm glad you survived cooking BOTH meals and I'm sure John enjoyed them both. Post some pics of your dishes.

  2. I think you're a crazy not for making two Thanksgiving dinners, but for taking the time to make the comparative spreadsheet! Just kidding...mostly!

  3. LOL Meredith! I once said in a job interview I love nothing more than a nice clean spreadsheet! I love spreadsheets!

  4. So I stumbled upon your blog from My Husbands Watching TV... I see pink shoes, a spreadsheet, and PW. Can we be best friends?

  5. Sounds like a crazy weekend! You're so brave for taking on so much, so don't feel bad about a few mistakes : )


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